Psychomania #3
(Submitted by Joakim Westerlund/The Corroseum)

Year: 1989 / Country: Norway / Language: English / Size: A5 / Pages: 24

Interviews: Tankard, Sliced Pimples, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Cross.

Reviews: Mucky Pup, Mordred, Merciless, Malicious Intent, Extreme Feedback, Impetigo, Last Caress, Social Disorder, Hatred, Emptor, The Fury, Metal Cross.

Other articles & features: Hatred(NOR), Oliver Magnum, Bergen Thrash Festival (Emptor, Merciless, Tribulation, Old Funeral, Witchhammer, Equinox etc), live reviews (DBC, Groovy Aardvark, Affected), UK Thrash scene report (Sabbat, Acid Reign, Metal Messiah, Xyster etc), Denmark scene report (Artillery, Atro-City, Desexult, Invocator, Metal Decay etc).

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