Orkaan #7 (year 2, issue 2)
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1984 / Country: Belgium / Language: Dutch / Size: A4 / Pages: 20

Interviews: Ostrogoth.

Reviews: Villain(HOL), Scum, Destroyer(BEL), Von Raeven, Ricochet, Black Out(HOL), Satan's Pharynx, Briar, Medieval, Sacred Blade, Black Virgin, Wasted, Anger, Alter Ego, Touchstone, Running Wild, Samain, Witchslayer, Deathslayer, Ratt, Samson, V/A-Dutch Steel, 220 Volt, Manowar, The Plads, Scorpions, Earthshaker, Satan Jokers, Saracen, Warlock, Ostrogoth, The Greg Leon Invasion, TSA, Gary Moore, Vandenberg, Cacumen, Cloven Hoof, Great White, Killer, Crucifixion, Exciter, Venom, TNT.

Other articles & features: Exciter, Hardware, Iron Maiden, Burn, The Beast, Nightmare(FRA), news, Japan Metal special (Marino, Sexual, Rajas, Hurry Scuary, Action, Murbas, Sabbrabells...

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