Necronomicon #3
(Submitted by Rob Preston)

Year: 1989 / Country: Brazil / Language: English / Size: 20x28 cm / Pages: 36

Interviews: Dorsal Atlantica, Necrodeath, Witches, Nuclear Assault, Aftermath, Psychic Possessor, Wreckage, Malicious Grind, Metal Duck, Korzus.

Reviews: Holocausto, Sepultura, Tyrant's Reign, Metralion, Scarecrow, Forbidden, Bathory, Anacrusis, Holosade, Incubus, Chakal, Explicit Hate, Mutilator etc.

Other articles & features: Abomination(BRA), Impetigo, Slander(BRA), Mezzrow, Postmortem(BRA), Warhate, Nimrod, Dr Shrinker, Raging Fury, Order From Chaos, Necromancy, Mental Decay, Necroterium, Inzest, Prosector, Morbid Terror, Nihilist, Sindrome, Unholy Sickness, Deztrôyer, zine reviews etc.

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