Necronomicon #2
(Submitted by Rob Preston)

Year: 1988 / Country: Brazil / Language: English / Size: 21,5x33 cm / Pages: 26

Interviews: Lord Crucifier, Messiah Death, Cremation, Witchhammer, Rigor Mortis(NY), Kazjurol, Protector, Tribulation, Chakal, Tyrranicide, Mayhem(NOR).

Reviews: Morbid Angel, Sadom, Crimson Death, Scum, Agressor, Sepulchral Voice, Insecticide, Aftermath, Groovy Aardvark, Metal Duck, Tormenta, Hammerhead, Desaster, Deadlock, Witches, Black Prophecies, Casbah, Necrofago, Morbidus, Minotaur, Nomed, Darkthrone, Merciless(BRA), Demented, Erosion, Outrage(GER), Warthrash, Deathcore, Beleth, Deathspeed, etc.

Other articles & features: News etc.

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