Metallised #10
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1988 / Country: Belgium / Language: English / Size: 19x27 cm / Pages: 48

Interviews: MX, Lord Crucifier, [+ seemingly a HC-themed issue:] Capitol Punishment, Raw Power, MX, Heibel, Eardamage, RKL, DOA, Psycho, Jingo De Lunch.

Reviews: Aftermath(AZ-USA), Ambush(Bel), Amulance, Angkor Wat, Annihilator, Anti Dote, Apocalypse(the UK thrashers), Archrival, Assassin(Holland), Atomic Gods, Atrophy, Baby's Breath, Bad Influence, Baroque, Belgian Asociality, Black Uniforms, Blood(Germany), Bloody Anger, Chilling Vision, Cianotica, The Condition, Crosshead, Cruise Missile, Currish, Custom Pink, Dead Conspiracy, Dead Serious, Deafen, Debauchery, Demolition Hammer, Desmatron, Despair(Germany), Dirge, Disinfect, Dresden 45, DIS, Ava Electris & The Road Warriors, Elise, Enemy, (IN-USA), Enforcer(Belgium), Enticer(IL), Exploder(Holland), Filthy Few, Fly's On Shit, Forced Entry(WA-USA), Godsend, Gomorrha, Grind, Gruel, Gung-Ho, Hailstorm, Hellbastard, Hellfire, Hellwitch, The Hemmeroids, Hidden Crystal, Hot Legs, Hyde, Hydrophobia, Iron Fist, Jackal, Jester Beast, Jokers Wild, Kidd Gloves, Knightmare II, Kraze, Krull, David La Duke, Lethal, Lightning(Germany), Lunacy, Lycantrope, Malevolence, Mass Death, M-Bush, Millennium, Moral Disgust, Moshlim, Mottek, MAD(Belgium), Napalm, NHC, Nuclear, Simphony, Oblivion Knight, Poltergeist, Porn Orchard, Purgatory(FL-USA), Rain Or Fire, Resistance(CA-USA), Riek Boois, Rigid Domain, Rosie, Roxx Gang, St. Valentine, Satan's Holocaust, Screamer(WV-USA), Sequence, Shell Shock, Shot, Silenxce, Sindrome, Sorcerer(Holland), Stranger(Holland), Strong, Phobia/Sudden Death, Taz, Tomorrow's Child, Torment(NJ-USA), Torrent, Tribulation, Tyrranicide, Wardance(UK), Way Out, Xiphoid, Heibel, Anacrusis, Sepultura, BP, The Accused, At War, Artless, Extrem, Lethal Aggression, Kat(Poland), Steeler, Necrophagia, Damien, Powerlord, Oxenkiller, The Grim, Chyld, Iron Maiden, Attila, Blind Illusion, Instigators, Pagan Faith, Agnostic Front, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Death, Zed Yago, Fifth Angel, Hellion, Deadly Blessing, Rockcandy, Tyrant's Reign, Hellcats, MDC, Darkness, Sumo Giants, May Linn, TMA, Sanctuary, Blood Feast, Assassin(Germany), Jingo De Lunch, Amebix, Medieval, Gargoyle, Toxic Zombies, Ataque Frontal, Toxic Reasons, Scorpions, Negazione, Mandator, Accuser, Vicious Rumors, Venom, Hawkwind, Rhino 39, Ronny Montrose, Bedlam Hour, Happy Farm, MST, Zero Boys, James Young, Prong, Doom(Japan), Les Cadavres, Mekong Delta, Apocrypha, Jurassic Jade, Bonfire, Coven(WA-USA), The Mob, Loudblast, Aggressor, Desperate Minds, Tank, Sabbat, Bloodlust, Anialator, Psycho, Toranga, Mottek, Verdun, Vinnie Vincent, Ion Britton, 5 Les, Last Decendants, Megadeth, Scarecrow, Attitude, Death In Action, Dead Silence, Articles Of Faith, Crimson Glory, Uncle Sam, Wehrmacht, Glory, Lars Eric Mattson, Black Shepherd, Nomed, Flitox, Expatriate, Gastunk, Xband, Nothing In Particular, Witches Hammer, Casbah, Kingdom Come, Van Halen, Intrinsic, Devastation(TX-USA).

Other articles & features: Hawaii, Steel Vengeance, D.C. Lacroix, Metallysee festival (Winged Warrior, Westfalen, Cyclone, Warrant etc), Italian Metal (Steel Crown, Scarlet, Swords, Black Evil, White Fire, Unreal Terror, Severance) news etc.

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