Metal Warriors #7
(Submitted by Jocke Westerlund/The Corroseum)

Year: 1990 / Country: Germany / Language: English / Size: A4 / Pages: 80

Interviews: Watchtower, Helstar, Bloodgood, Suicidal Tendencies, MX Machine, Dangerous Toys, Instigators, Rage, Hellbastard, Tyrant's Reign, Oliver Magnum, Pestilence, Sacrosanct, Queensrÿche, Cyber Kultur, Insecticide, Armored Saint, Oblivion Knight, Vio-Lence, Solitude (Aeturnus), Attaxe, Accuser, Dark Angel, Lazarus Sin, Flaming Anger, Virgin Steel, Revenant, Ludichrist, Lord Crucifier, Transilence, Armoros, Barock, Forced Entry, Heretic, Incubus(LA), Realm, Despair, Holy Moses, Wargasm, Wench, Anashi, Agathocles, Hellion, Ursurper, Liege Lord, Death, Mystic Force, Leatherwolf, Druid, Carnage(SWE), Bold Decree, Overdose, Defcon, Hellwitch, Annihilator, Forbidden, Anacrusis, Savatage, Anacrusis.

Reviews: Black Virgin, Dreed, Disgrace(GER), Lydia Van Huston, Lunacy, Belching Beet, Prime Evil, Flying Skull, Hectic, Vivaldis Disciples, Blasphemy, Hollywood, Abraxas, Mortician, Bacchus, Antimon, Gangland(CA-USA), Extremity, Recklezz, Ancient Rotten Graveguards, Regicide, Attaxe, Regardless, Necromancer(FIN), Cryptic, Protected Illusion, Wicked Angel, Atrocity(SWE), Battlefield, Doomwatch, Forced Entry, Hellwitch, Axtasy, Scarlatyna, Voluntary, Mercynary, Acridity, Mystic Force, Minotaur, Sacred Crucifix, Last Christian, Scaffold, Demoniac(YUG), Excruciation, Winter, Conquest(MO-USA), Tynator, Dyoxen, The Log, Transilence, Psychotic Walz, Secrecy, Outlands, Excidium, Dofka, Lord Crucifier, Mortal Terror, Kilgore, V/A-Kitch'en'Squatt MC, Ice Age, Alkateya, V/A-Metal Mercenaries MC, Lavatory, Esteban, Thrashing Rage, Burnt Offering, Cannibal Corpse, Steel Prophet, Witchmaster General, River's Edge, Attack, Iron Warrior, Process Revealed, Stygian, Thunderstorm, Treblinka, Massacra, Hailstorm, Invocator, Carnage, Arcane, Criminal Justice, Broken Dolls, Young Turk, St. James, Brainamputated, Silent Minority, D.D.T.(CAN), Shooting Gallery, Autopsia, Suspiria, Braindamage, Disjekta Membra, Cold Steel, Sacrosanct, System Decay, Defcon, Atrocity, Anarkia, Revenant, Pet Maggot, Iced Earth, The Fury, Mystic Force, Solitude, Eternal Dirge, Twilight Zone(ITA), Psycho Death, Tenebrha, Alvacast, The Reckoning, Apollo Ra, V/A-Screams Behind The Bloody Curtain MC, Paralysis, Mordor, Overdose(NY-USA), Gorronhoea, Leprosy, 413, Mad Butcher, Deranged(CAN), Chilling Vision, Diamond Claw, Reactor, Idle Threat, White Mania, Sacrament, Megace, Blasted, Mortar, Baby's Breath, Entourage, Basement Bastards, Doom Snake Cult, Betrayer, Salem(JPN), Votum, Suck Speed, Mottek, Dead Head, Yuma, Defcon(IL-USA), Metal Cross, Bleedfront, Valkyrie(NJ-USA), Resistance(CA-USA), The Metal Truck, Skull(ITA), No Rules, Militant Mothers, Evil Priest, Red Rooster, V/A-Zombies Vol.4 MC, Toxodeath, Insanity(GER), Alzheimer, Wired(CA-USA), Charger(GER), Splinter, Rod Sacred, Dorian Grey, Nameless, Hidden Crystal, Anashi, Outcast(GER), Black Ritual, Extreme Napalm Terror, A.E.S., Hydra, Atrocity(GER), Mad Poltergeist, Defcon(GDR), Hellbound(NY-USA), Inzest, Thanatos, Devastate, Suffer, Ghost Story, Messiah, Signifying Nothing, Tormenta, Crystal Myth, Bourbon, Bold Degree, Tokkata, Deadclaw, Cardinal Sin, MX, P.U.S., Holy Death, Insania(GER), Maelstorm, Demolition Hammer, Carnage(BEL), Impetigo, R.I.P.(SWI), Oblivion Knight, Sarissa, Jester's March, Parracide, Deterrent, Overvibes, Necroschizma, Emptor, Usurper, CCS, Mengele, Maple Cross, Bloodbath, Gomorrah, Massacre(POR), Necrophobic, Mystrez, Deztroyer, Raving Mad, Blackstorm, Comedy Of Errors, Injustice(NY-USA), Ripcord, Asphyx, Kronin, Lunattick Fringe, Anesthesia(GER), Mayfair, Enola Gay, Anashi, Desperation, Asshole, Sorcerer, Leviathen, Satan's Claw, Drunken Testicles, Malevolent Creation, Black Roses, Minotaur, Mekong Delta, Screamer, Happy Farm, MP, Strana Officina, Dark Angel, Domain, V/A-Album Network/Unsigned Bands CD Tune-Up #2 &#3 CD, Dream Theatre, Mob 47, Drifter, Heibel, Transgression, Deathrage, DRI, Queensrÿche, Raven, Offensor/Atack Epileptico, Sacred Reich, New Model Army, Candlemass, Seizure, Steel Vengeance, V/A-Now That's What I Call Metal CD, Walter Elf, Destroyers, Stormwitch, LWS, Gang Green, Darkness, Holy Moses, Bang Tango, Princess Pang, Impulse Manslaughter, Righteous Pigs, Hades, Protector, Lords Of The New Search, Masi, Uriah Heep, Richie Kotzen, Lizzy Borden, Free For All, Malice, Wargasm, Amulance, Deathrow, Wasted Youth, Blacksmith, Anvil, Sacrilege B.C., Mainstreet, Risk, Idiots, Acid(GER), Emils, Pariah, Agitare Bene, Bad Brains, Rage, Viking, Intruder, Lion, Atrophy, Despair, Alannah Miles, Sodomy Law, TSOL, Guardian, Liar, Bonfire, SDI, Last Crack, Fingernails, Fil Di Ferro, Dark Quarterer, Xentrix, Fisc, Old Skull, Fates Warning, Crossbones, Bullet Lavolta, Fall Out, Bold, Lillian Axe, Angkor Wat, Instigators, Napal, Abomination, Bloodcum, Diamond Claw, Victory, Zed Yago, V/A-UK Thrash Assault, Wrecking Crew, Fugazi, Steel Fury, Vicious Rumors, Bathory, Num Skull, V/A-Guitar Masters, New Frontier, David T. Chastain, Beowulf, V/A-Street Survivors, Sludge, Dream Police, Quick Change, Leather, Target, Pandoras, Flotsam And Jetsam, V/A-Hardcore For The Masses, New Model Army, Danton, Manilla Road, April 16th, Roxx Gang, Sabotage, Obituary, Black Sabbath, Onslaught, Tyrranicide, Phantom Blue, Sacred Chao, Goo Goo Dolls, Rage Heart, Veto, Dragon, Necrodeath, Iron Christ, Schliessmuskel, Wicca, Tyrant, Tokyo Blade, Tyrant's Reign, The Voice, OutPatients, Ninja(GER), Crimson Glory, Holy Terror, Alastor, Excel, Incubus, Calhoun Conquer, Andy Andersen's Tribe, Dead Ballerinas, King Diamond, Death SS, Maniac, Love Slug, The Dead Boys, Brutal Obscenity, Cerebus, Rhett Forrester, Target Of Demand, V/A-Speed Kills But Who's Dying?, Heir Apparent, Stiv Bator, Helpless, Niagara, Danzig, No For An Answer, Pokolgep, Flanez, Drama, Royal Air Force, Lee Aaron, V/A-Heavy Metal Battle, G-Anx/Filthy Christians, Destruction, Romeo's Daughter, Bloodstar, Negazione, Youth Of Today, School Of Violence, Morbid Angel, Defecation, Steve Jones, The Creek, Recipients Of Death, Sacred Denial, Leatherwolf, Sex Attack, Masque, Warzone, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus, Lars Eric Mattsson, RKL, Sodom, Prong, Septic Death, Dimple Minds, Lazarus Sin, Overdose(BRA), Belgian Asociality, Battlefield, All, Creepin' Death, Attitude, Riek Boois/Agathocles, Excalibur, Intice, Rumble Militia, Liar, Accuser, Strike Force, Sabbat(JPN), Ace Frehely, Powermad, Brocas Helm, Dag Nasty, Capitol Punishment, Hellwitch, Law And Order, Pajama Slave Dancers, Bonfire, Personal Effects, Helstar, Annihilator, Urge Overkill, Laughing Hyenas, Realm, Mersinary, Miss Daisy, Tender Fury, Apocrypha, Egypt, Artillery, Sabbat(UK), Scarecrow, Anacrusis, Dr. Know, Acrophet, Thule, Hellbastard, Government Issue, Thunderhead, Indestroy, Megamosh, Gorilla Bisquits, Satanic Malfunctions, Exit Condition, SNFU, Overkill, Venom, Forbidden, Paradox, Vodu, Ramones, Rigor Mortis, Pride, Wrathchild, Babylon AD, Sin, Candlemass, Wrest, Metralion, SGM, Poltergeist, Faith Or Fear, DBC, Nuclear Assault, Oliver Magnum, Jag Panzer, Gothic Slam, Stand To Fall/Target Of Demand, Defiance, V/A-Attack Is Now Suicide, Nasty Savage, Exodus, Rudimentary Peni, Acid Reign, Ratos De Porao, Outrage, Turbo, Ronnie Montrose, DRI, Evil Dead, Rush, Marshall Law, Pretty Boy Floyd, Cacophony, I.N.C., Saxon, Treponem Pal, Deathwish, Kreator, Re-Animator, Sepultura, Lese Majesty, Resistant Militia, Luv Hunter, Mad Reign, Hans Naughty, Paul Chain, Axemaster, Bastard Kestrel, Doomsday, Shy, Sudefed, Adolescents, Morgoth, Broken Bones, Omen, Faith No More, Howe II, Axegrinder, Plague/Rövsvett, Doro, Hydra Vein, Knightmare II, Guy Mann Dude, Axel Rudi Pell, Rostok Vampires, State Of The Nation, Savatage, Shout, Leeway, Repulsion, Erosion, Sacrilege, Hyde, Guns'n'Roses, Hittman, Bulldozer, Precious Metal, Doom(JPN), Helter Skelter, V/A-Best Of Metal Massacre, Sore Throat, Unsane, V/A-Is This Heavy Or What?, Rough, Barren Cross, Manowar, Vixen, Foxy Roxie, Lääz Rockit, Big Mouth, Tattoo, Flames, Family 5, The Thing That Ate Floyd, Joe Satriani, Holocausto, Siren, Suckspeed, Skid Row, Pungent Stench/Disharmonic Orchestra, Toxik, Thunder, Sarcofago, Sadus, Watchtower, Toxic Shock, Zar, The Mist, Blue Blud, Quireboys, Droogies, 7 Seconds, Mucky Pup, Hericane Alice, MSG, Dead On, Sex Thrash, Atheist, Sword, Whiplash, Soulside, Private Life, Nuclear Simphony, Hellfire Club.

Other articles & features: Nuclear Simphony, Attila, Hallow's Eve, adds, news, reader's letters etc..

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