Metal Meltdown #9
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1991 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: Letter / Pages: 48

Interviews: Autopsy, Deathrage, Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, Death, .

Reviews: Flotsam And Jetsam, Deicide, Rigor Mortis, Filthy Christians, The Four Horsemen, Animosity, Gang Green, Exodus, OverKill, Gothic Slam, Cannibal Corpse, Pestilence, Ratos De Porao, Obituary, Death Angel, Gwar, Scanner, Candlemass, Ministry, CIA, Massacra, Xentrix, Merciless, Non Fiction, Forbidden, The Great Kat, Paradise Lost, Death, Harter Attack, Dead On, Baphomet, Drop Hammer, Poison Idea, The Coup De Grace, Hellbound(NY-USA), Darkened Fate, Bethlehem, Malevolent Creation, Injustice, Apparition, Domination, Backlash, Toxaemia, Metalium(Turkey), 911, Disturbed, Bloody Mary(NC-USA), Mizery, False Prophet, Atomic Aggressor, Mystic Force, Severance, Mortar, Paramoure, Acridity, Aftermath(IL-USA), Nonfiction, Fatal, Phlegeton, Neuro Toxin, The Reckoning, Under Siege, Coldsteel, Deviance, Fatal Sin, Justin Sane, Ripped, Invocator, Ghost Story, Dead Orchestra, Premonition, Damnability, Black Ritual/B&R, Demolition Hammer, Creepshow, Entropy, Suffer, Recalcitrance, Kaos, Valkyrie(NJ-USA), C17H21NO4, FX Detective, Dead Claw, Armoured Angel, Bent Sirkis, The Horde Of Torment, Cat Paw, Do It Yourself, Riphouse, Paradise Lost etc..

Other articles & features: News, reader's letters, flyers etc..

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