Metal Meltdown #8
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1990 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: Letter / Pages: 48

Interviews: Epidemic, Voivod, Trouble, Agony Column, Shades Of Grey.

Reviews: Watchtower, Dofka, M.A.D., Saw Throat, Ataxia, Desecration, Hypocrisy, Speed Demon, Black Ritual, Samael, Chaotic Plague, Fester, Rage, Splatterreah, Mekong Delta, Autopsy, Hellwitch, Ritual Of Agony, Tynator, Therion, Weapons, Messiah (NC), Darth Vader's Church, Braindamage (ITA), Sabbat, Wicked Angel, Mercenary, Carcass, Invocator, Silent Scream, King Diamond, Chemikill, Wreckage, Reactor, Volcano, etc..

Other articles & features: News, reader's letters, flyers etc..

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