Metal Madness #10
(Submitted by Rob Preston)

Year: 1987 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: 18x22 cm / Pages: 36

Interviews: CJSS, Cerebus, Adrenalin OD, Living Death, Znöwhite, Pedifile.

Reviews: Post Mortem, Black Diamond, Blood Money, Griffin, Medieval, Hawkwind, Angus, Blood Feast, Sashay, Exises, Two Cities, Coven, Extrema, Hades, Cyclone, Outrage, Flight Charm, Slaughter Lord, Catalepsy, Apocrypha, Heathen etc.

Other articles & features: Alice Cooper, Mass, Drifter, Hitchhike, Black Deal, Squealer, Exit, Phoenix, Venin, Liege Lord, Emmy Strut, Knightmare, Japan special (Doom, Gillarosh, Jurassic Jade, Ground Zero, X, Killer May, D'erlanger, Sabbrabells, 44 Magnum, United etc), Ebony Rec special, HC special, news etc.

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