Metal Madness #9
(Submitted by Rob Preston)

Year: 1986 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: 18x22 cm / Pages: 40

Interviews: Vinnie Vincent, Jurassic Jade, Trouble, Black Task, Candlemass, Barren Cross, Oliver Magnum, Metal Church, Motörhead, Dehumanizers.

Reviews: Vortex, Forever, Tyga Myra, Doom(JPN), Saxon, Sacred Blade, Cirith Ungol, Trojan, Iron Maiden, Necronomicon, Shining Blade, Satan's Host etc.

Other articles & features: Torment(Ill), Syrus, Stiletto, Avalanche Danger, Steel Prophet, Necromansy, Assassin, Not Fragile, Angel Death, Sacred Oath, Knightmare II, Mogg, Manifest, Torture(Tx), Eternity, Bloody Flesh, Agony(HOL), Hammers Rule, Helfield, Hittman, Kuni, Gow, Metallica, HC reviews, white metal.

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