Megaton #2
(Submitted by Ronny Van den Cruyce)

Year: 1983 / Country: Holland / Language: Dutch / Size: A4 / Pages: 24

Interviews: Vandale.

Reviews: Jaguar, Venom, Diamond Head, Satan, Tytan, The Rods, Geddes Axe, Heavy Pettin, Legend (Jersey), Raven, Mercyful Fate, Highway Chile, Viva, Warnin (FRA), Samson, Virgin Steele, Ozzy Trance, Vanadium, Triumph, Mama's Boys, Santers, Riot, Picture, Roxcalibur comp, Twisted Sister etc.

Other articles & features: Crossfire, Mercyful Fate, Jaguar, Gamma, Y&T, Netherland & Belgium scene report (Future Tense, Together, Buzzard, T-Bone, Savage, Purple Haze, Holy Terror, Ostrogoth, Crossfire, Vandenberg) etc.

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