Kick Ass #26
(Submitted by Hugo TheMetalMan)

Year: 1984 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: Letter / Pages: 32

Interviews: Anvil, Raven, Jack Starr & Rhett Forrester.

Reviews: Manowar, Bullet, Trouble, Le Griffe, Scorpions, Witchkiller, Cloven Hoof, Dark Wizard, Overdrive, Silver Mountain, Cloven Hoof, Taipan, Hellhammer, C.O.C., Killer, Satan, Armed Forces, Character, Stygian Shore etc.

Other articles & features: Sodom, Running Wild, Battleaxe, Shylock, Rat Attack, Brat, Steel Knickers, Hirax, Terrecuda, Crossfire, Hades, Martyr, Burn, Vicious Barreka, Witch Cross, live reviews (Venom, Motörhead, H-Bomb, Angel Witch, Twisted Sister, BlackLace, Lee Aaron, Warhead etc)

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