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By the time I first heard the word "fanzine" and had a fair grasp of what they were about I was already in that late teens phase where Classic Heavy Metal had lost its "cool" and Thrash, HC, crossover and Death Metal was the order of the day. In other words I can't really say I was there when most of these publications hit the streets (...or suburban back alleys more like it).
To me, this in turn makes the unearthing of some odd 80's D.I.Y. Metal-rag today so much more special. It's a bit like opening a time capsule from the pre-myspace-&-street-teams age when classic Heavy Metal was the new, cocky bastard on the block, still had one foot in the underground and plenty of dirt under the fingernails. It doesn't really matter if the bands featured are your particular faves or not, if the layout or printing quality stinks, or even if it's written in a foreign language - it's the perspective of this scene, the here-&-now vibe when flipping through those yellowed xeroxes that gives that kindling hellfire feeling in one's Metal Heart. A Corroseum-page like this is long overdue.

About this page...

- First of all: unlike the label- or compilation indexes I have no encyclopedical ambitions with this part of the site at all. What I'm gonna do is just scan/upload any old zine I come cross or is sent to me, that I think fit the profile. Since I don't really collect or have the habit of paying mucho dineros for these artifacts, the updates will be sporadic at best.

- The theme is old traditional Metal fanzines = anything from the earliest NWOBHM-pamphlets to late 80's/early 90's Thrash-rags. While old'n'kvlt Black/Death zines can be a cool read they had their own little explosion in the scene and I'm sure there are other sites better qualified to research them.

- The quality of the zines doesn't really matter. They're all added here for archival/preservational reasons so don't expect every addition to be an absolute must-read.

All zines can be read online by clicking the sleeves. Some of the the early submissions can also be downloaded in pdf format from an external file host by clicking the link below the thumbnails. Unfortunately this is a service I had to cut down on in later updates due to time constraints.

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88 fanzines found

Blackthorn #4 1986
Blackthorn #7 1989
Braindamage #1 1984
Braindamage #2 1985
Death Speaks #1 1985
Death Speaks #2 1986
Deathcore #1 1985
Deathcore #2 1986
Epitaph #1 1988
Epitaph #10 1989
Epitaph #2 1988
Epitaph #3 1988
Epitaph #4 1988
Epitaph #5 1988
Epitaph #6 1988
Epitaph #7 1989
Epitaph #8 1989
Epitaph #9 1989
Experience The Power #1 1994
Forearm Smash #4 1984
Grinder #3 1984
Grinder #6 1990
Hang 'Em High #1 1988
Hang 'Em High #2 1989
Ian Magazine #6 1988
Intensity #1 1990
Kick Ass #23 1984
Kick Ass #26 1984
Kick Ass #29 1985
Metal Glory #3 1989
Metal Guardians #3 1987
Metal Guardians #4 1987
Metal Madness #1 1984
Metal Madness #10 1987
Metal Madness #11 1987
Metal Madness #12 1988
Metal Madness #2 1984
Metal Madness #3 1984
Metal Madness #4 1985
Metal Madness #6 1985
Metal Madness #8 1986
Metal Madness #9 1986
Metal Mania #10 1983
Metal Mania #11 1983
Metal Mania #12 1983
Metal Mania #13 1983
Metal Mania #14 1984
Metal Mania #15 1985
Metal Mania #17 1986
Metal Mania #20 1986
Metal Mania #8 1982
Metal Meltdown #1 1987
Metal Meltdown #2 1987
Metal Meltdown #3 1988
Metal Meltdown #4 1988
Metal Meltdown #5 1988
Metal Meltdown #6 1989
Metal Meltdown #7 1989
Metal Meltdown #8 1990
Metal Meltdown #9 1991
Metal Meltdown #9½ 1992
Metal Warriors #7 1990
Metallic Beast #4 1986
Metallised #10 1988
Necronomicon #3 1989
Necronomicon Mag #2 1988
No Name #2 1990
Powerline #1 1985
Psychomania #3 1989
Renascimento Do Metal #24 1989
Renascimento Do Metal #26 1989
Renascimento Do Metal #27 1989
Rock Hard USA #8 1986
Screams From The Gutter #11 1988
Screams From The Gutter #12 1988
Screams From The Gutter #15 1989
Screams From The Gutter #19 1989
Screams From The Gutter #29 1991
Screams From The Gutter #7 1987
Screams From The Gutter #8 1988
Suck City #12 1986
The Book Of Armageddon #4 1988
The New Heavy Metal Revue #8 1982
The Wild Rag #13 1989
To The Death #2 1987
To The Death #3 1988
Under The Oak #1 1989
United Throng #1 1987

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Subtitled "Metal History Through Fanzines" this blog has pretty much the same ambitions as this part of The Corroseum, albeit a bit more focused on the NWODM scene. Killer work! For downloadable pdf's, click the Fanzine PDF Downloads in the upper right corner, otherwise you can scan the zines page by page after selecting them in the Select Cathegory-dropdown menu.

France Metal Museum's "Revues & Fanzines" dept.
One of the most impressive Metal mag/zine-archives out there. Purely dedicated to french publications with hundreds of issues scanned & ready to read online. All in french though...


..part 1 and part 2 nevertheless! Unfortunately we're only offered front pictures but it's still a nice enough salute to the old fanzine scene. There's also a special on 80's Fanzine Adverts.

Hell Music's "zinai" dept.
Lithuanian zine archive. Most are from the 90's and include anything from Black/Death to HM and most are written in Lithuanian, but there are a few English ones as well (Edge Of Sanity, Death Industry, Wounded/Vital Wound..). There's also an article section with older Metal-clippings from general music mags.

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If you own any old Metal zines, know how to use a scanner and think you have the time to contribute, please get in contact (forum thread or e-mail). IMPORTANT: Do NOT start scanning until we've been in contact and I've sent some instructions.

...and finally the issue of ©opyrights:

It's often very difficult to track down the original editors and/or legal owners of these publications, but if YOU happen to be that person and don't want your work archived in this manner, just send me an e-mail with your concerns and all traces of your zine ever existing will be removed from the site immediately.
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