The Book Of Armageddon #4
(Submitted by Joakim Westerlund/The Corroseum)

Year: 1988 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: letter / Pages: 72

Interviews: Dark Angel, Num Skull, Gargoyle, Voivod, Prime Evil, P.M.S., Sepultura, Armoros.

Reviews: Autopsy, Znowhite, Toxik, Epedemic, Dorsal Atlantica, Damien, Nun Slaughter, Disaster, Agony, Morbid, Bloodlust, Assassin, MX, Necrosis, Metallica, At War, Exciter, Holocross, Mutilated, Arsenic, King Diamond, Meanstreak.

Other articles & features: Wreckage, Legion Of Death, Eviction, MX Machine, Realm, live reviews (Blood Feast, Caligula, Re-Animator(US), Sanctus, Revenant, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Raven, Hallow's Eve, Rigor Mortis etc) news etc.

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