Blackthorne #7
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1989 / Country: Denmark / Language: English / Size: A4 / Pages: 44

Interviews: Slayer, Wargasm, Exodus, Death Angel, Nuclear Assault, Flotsam And Jetsam, .

Reviews: Annihilator, R.D.P., V/A-Warfare Noise II, Psychic Possessor, Nuclear Assault, Leeway, Forbidden, Toxik, Last Descendants, Destruction, Hexx, Holy Terror, Defiance, Violence, V/A-Is This Heavy Or What?, Anthrax, Athropy, Deathwish, Exodus, Sacred Reich, Viking, Stone, Realm, Testament, Mucky Pup, Sadus, Damien(SWE), Znöwhite, Agony, Target, Pestilence, Accuser, Apocalypse, Dark Angel, Hobb's Angel Of Death, Erosion, Flotsam And Jetsam, Razor, Death, Protector, Flames, Recipients Of Death, Vulcano, Sodom, Blood Feast, Dissection(CAN), Agressor/Loudblast, Toxic Shock, Deathrage, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Sacrilege, Ludichrist, Attitude, Sliced Pimples, Meanstreak, King Diamond, Helstar, Angel Dust, Anashi, Overdose(NY-USA), Massacra, Stygian, Fatal Impact, Disciples Of Power, Tribulation, Poltergeist, Death Mission, Hirax, Salem(JPN), O.C.B., Hyste'riah, Ripchord, Nebula, River's Edge, Decimation, Carnage(IL-USA), Matricide, National Napalm Syndicate, Merciless Death, Prophets Of Doom, United Forces, Jester Beast, Thorax, Berserker(GER), Fatal, Detention, Sixty Nine, Torrent, Dead Serious, Blasted, Assorted Heap, Sindrome, Rigid Domain, Dyoxen, Formicide, Iron Warrior, Furious Trauma, Afterbirth, Leprosy(SWE), Apollo Ra, The Beyond, Witch Master General, Arsenic, Black Uniforms, Mengele, Pendemia, Dismal Void, Pungent Stench, Ripping Corpse, Tyrranicide, Votum, Masada, Mutilated, Lastregus, Nosteratus, Alvacast, Estigia, Steel Prophet, Valentine, Dark Reign, Mentally Damaged, Zyklon-B, Jehova, Epidemic, Flying Skull, Eviction, Dread, Paralysis, Shihäd, Prime Evil, Criminal Justice, Vigilant, Sneak Attack, Acridity, Jagannath, Chilling Vision, Cyber Kultur, Wasted Morality, D.I.$., Sadistic Vision, BOPW, Solitude, Humanicide, The Spudmonsters, Nimrod, , .

Other articles & features: Atro-City, Demolition Hammer, Mezzrow, Salem(UK), Dr. Killpatient, Shell Shock(JPN), Leprocy(CAN), Atheist, Arcane, Cerebral Hemmorage, Flaming Anger, Caligula, Kinetic Dissent, Sacrosanct, zine reviews, New York gig report, news etc...

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