It all began in early 2010 when Italian (Italian) Metal collector Marco "Nonseinormale" Gulino started a thread about Italian 80's Metal on CD at The Corroseum Forum. A vinyl companion-thread shortly followed and it became instantly clear that this magnificent effort of Marco's could not be left to drown in that infamous dark well of all forums known as Page 2. The fact that Olde Italian Steel has been of my fave scenes for many years also played a major part in me giving this list a proper html-home here.

This is a restructured, easy-to-read combination of both the old vinyl- and CD-threads, its main ambition being to list all official Italian Hard Rock and Metal releases, spanning from late 70's proto-Metal to early 90's latecomers. Style wise anything from sleaze and aor
(breaks my True Metal heart, but I figure you should always respect the source material..) to Thrash and crossover is represented. The layout is intentionally kept simple - see it as a discography project aimed at curious collectors rather than a fancy and detailed scene report.

It wouldn't be fair to launch a page like this without also pointing out some excellent, already existing resources on the subject. Most notable is the Italian Metal Legion book published by Andromeda Relix a few years back, of which Marco was one of its major contributors. On the web we find Rock Italy (continuing where StrilloStrano left off..) and the interesting newcomer Italian Metal Enciclopedia.

Take it away, Marco!

Adramlech Adramelch

-- Irae Melanox (1988, LP on Metal Master, reissued on CD in 1999 by warlord records, quite difficult to find nowadays) A new reissue is upcoming this year with some unreleased tracks.
-- Broken History (2005, CD on Underground Symphony)

Italian Epic Metal legends!


-- Same (1990, LP on G.L. 80 production, private pressing, 300 copies made) Very hard to find (100/150 euro)

Formed in Ragusa (Sicily). Good classic heavy metal.

Alex Rock Band

-- She's all fire/it is my life (1981, 45 rpm 7'on EFFE Records) Hard to find (40 euro or more).

From Modena. A mix of Nazareth/Slade/Sweet.

Alice In Sexland

-- same (1991, LP on Casal Gajardo Records)

A mix of heavy metal and psychedelia.


-- Immortal Entity (1991, LP on Last Scream Records) Easy to find.

A mix of thrash metal/crossover.

Alter Ego

-- Poker (1985, 4 traks 7' on ICR Records, 3000 copies made but only a few hundred circulated) Easy to find (from 25 to 40 euro).

Roman based band.


-- Ragazzo rosso/Idolo e crine (1992, 7" on Arpia records, private pressing)
-- Liberazione (1995, LP and CD on Pick Up records)

Roman based band, formed in 1984. A mix of doom, hard rock and prog.


-- The long loud silence (1985, mini LP on Rave on records + a bootleg CD (together with Lord of the Crimson Alliance).

Axe Hero

See X-Hero.


-- Bad Desire (1990, private pressing but distributed by Minotauro Records that put its mark on it. Reissued on CD by Heart of steel records in 2008)
-- Like a Thunder (1995 by Frog records, only on CD). Upcoming reissue expected in summer 2010.

Born in the vein of Judas Priest in the middle 80's, the band changed his sounds towards melodic metal a la Dokken/Ratt.


-- Outlaw Emotion (1991, LP on Back Music, private pressing) Hard to find, 70/80 euro or more.

Classic heavy metal.

Bambini In Bikini

-- Same (1992, LP on Fonit Cetra) Hard to find.

Melodic hard rock/AOR.


-- Same (1986, LP on Fremus records) Hard to find, from 40 to 60 euro.

Born in Trento in 1980 as Electric Crash. A blend of Motorhead and speed metal.

Early Maiden-worship at its best!/DaN

-- same (1982, LP) Very hard to find, 300 euro or more.

First a private pressing, then the band found a label to distribute the record. the LCA records put his mark with a sticker on the 2. 000 copies made, but only a few hundred circulated).

Black Cross

-- My Time/Damned in the City (1981, 45 rpm 7' on NV Records) Very hard to find, 90 euro or more.

Formed in Genoa, they won a band contest and signed a deal for this 7'. For those who likes Deep Purple.

Black Deal

-- Escape (CD, issued by Andromeda/New LM records in 2009) 10 songs taken from their demos (some of them recorded live in the studio).

This band formed in Torino in a juvenile prison where future members of the group were serving their sentences. After their release Black Deal recorded several demos and contributed to two compilations, but their violent lifestyle (heavy drugs and alcohol) did not abandon them, making them come and go from Italian prisons. In 1988 the band split up and in 1992 Christian Zanirato (the guitar player) after a solo career (a couple of demos) died of heroin overdose while Michele Nallino (bass player) died in a motorcycle accident while drunk. Musically they began as a band influenced by NWOBHM, then evolved towards thrash metal.

Black Hole

-- Land Of Mystery (1985, LP on City Records. It also exists a very hard to find lavenderish coloured version, maybe 5 or 10 copies made, Mighty DaN!!!) 80/100 euro or more. Reissued in 2006 on CD by Andromeda relix. Review
-- Living Mask (2000, CD on Andromeda relix)

Rumors says that on ADP (Area Death Productions) was expected an anthological box in 2007, and finally it seems the time has come, here it is the tracklist:

Demo 1 1983
- In The Darkness (intro) Demoniac City
- Goodbye Friend
- Midnight Madman
- Mental Shadows
- Black Hole
- Love Disappeared

Beyond The Gravestone Demo 2 1984
-mental shadows
-spectral world
-burnin' pain
-black hole
-obscurity in the ethereal house
-demon's insanity
-troubled night
-permanent incubus
-bells of death
-behind the pyre
-holes in the gravestone

Demo 1983 (or 1984??)
-in the darkness
-the long walk to hell

Live In Verona 1985
- demoniac city
- spectral world
- blind men and occult forces
- holes in the gravestone
- obsession
- permanent incubus
- demon's insanity
- bells of death
- black bible
- obscurity in the ethereal house
- guitar drum solo

For more Black Hole-info, check out this unique interview.

Black Holes

-- Ready For Me/Leave Behind your Cares (1981, 45 rpm 7' on Belgravia Records) Very hard to find (70 euro or more).

Milano based band (not to be confused with Black Hole from Verona). Heavy/hard rock with dark flavour.

Black Out

-- Crisi/Numero Uno (1981, 45 rpm 7' Goldes records, private pressing) Very hard to find, 200 euro or more.

From Savona (Liguria). For those who likes Saxon and NWOBHM.

Black Rose Kingdom

-- Same (1990, LP on CGD records).

From Bologna (Emilia Romagna). Born as Rappresaglia (a well known hardcore punk band) then changed name and sound. For those who likes street metal (L. A. Guns etc.)

Black Spirit

original pressing-- same (1978, Brutkasten records, 1500 copies made with gatefold cover, reissued on LP in England by Kissing Spell records in 1994 with different artwork cover, not gatefold) Very hard to find.

This band was founded in Volksburg (Germany) by italian emigrants in 1970. They recorded the album in 1973, but it was issued in 1978. In the vein of early Black Sabbath.

The Black (Mario Di Donato)

-- Reliquarium (1989, mini LP on Minotauro records, 1300 copies made)
-- Infernus, Purgatorium et Paradisus (1991, LP on Minotauro Records, 2300 copies made)
-- Refugium Peccatorum (1995, LP on Black Widow Records, only 668 copies made) Reissued on CD by Black Widow records in 2010 with 2 bonus tks and a ST.VITUS cover.
-- Apocalypsis (1996, LP on Black Widow records, 500 copies made)
-- Golgotha (2000, LP on Black Widow records, 500 copies made)
-- Peccatis Nostris (2004, LP on Black Widow records, 500 copies made)
-- Capistrani Pugnatur (2004, LP on Black Widow records, 500 copies made).

Bloody Skizz

-- Gods Breaker/Bloody road to death (1982, 45 rpm 7' on Belgravia Records) Very hard to find (but reissued in a CD compilation by Heart of steel records)


-- The sun and the snake and the hoo (1986, mini LP on Electric eye records)
-- Moonshiner (1987, LP on Electric eye records)
-- Rocks for real (1989, LP on Electric eye records).

Not really a metal band, hard rock/garage with psychedelic influences, but P. Chain was involved as keyboards player.


-- Watching the Bleeding Mouth (1991, 3 tks 12' on Dracma Metal records)

Formed in 1988 in Turin, born as a thrash metal band. From 1993 until 2005 they recorded 4 CDs slowly moved towards crossover/industrial metal sound.


-- Higher'n'ground (1984, mini LP on Discotto Metal) Hard to find (70/80 euro at least).

Milano based band, classic heavy metal.

Broken Glazz

-- Divine (1991, LP on Dracma Metal records)
-- Withdraw from Reality (1992, LP on Dracma Metal records).


1st original pressing-- Fallen Angel/Another Beer (1984, 45 rpm 7', private pressing, legit reissue in 2001 by Warlord records, bootlegged as a four tks 7' with the original songs and two alternative version of them, made in 150 not numbered copies by BWQ records in 1999. In this bootleg the back cover is white and it reports the titles of the song and the circulation)
-- The Day of Wrath (1985, LP on Roadrunner records)
-- The final separation (1986, LP on Roadrunner records)
-- IX (1987, LP on Metal Master)
-- Neurodeliri (1988, LP on Metal Master)
-- Alive in Poland (1990, LP on Metal Master)
-- Trilogy/Dance got sick (1992, ep 12' on Bulld records)
-- Last Live Legend (2008, live bootleg on HMSS, 135 copies made, recorded the first of December 1990 in Milano, it was their final show).
-- The years of Wrath 1983/1999 (on Sound Cave records, 4 CD box set)
-- Regenerated in the Grave (on Metal Mind, 5 CD box set)


-- PTS (1989, Minotauro Records) Easy to find. reissued on CD by New LM records in 2007.

Not metal, a mix of rock, dark, jazz etc and demented lyrics, with some italian metal musicians involved (P. Chain above all).


-- Non c'è più mondo (1991, Minotauro Records, LP/MC/CD) Very easy to find.

Formed by Cappanera brothers (from Strana Officina), it was a side project. Very good hard rock with italian lyrics. The band recorded a master called "K" in 1993 (great AOR with italian lyrics) featuring Morby (Sabotage, Domine) on vocals, but sadly Cappanera Brothers died in a car crash and the album was never published (but CDr copies circulated among fan and collectors).

Carlo Celi

-- Dove sei/Io no (1981, 45 rpm 7' on Drums records) Hard to find, 20/40 euro.

It's a weird record, side A is a pop/progressive song, side B is the cover of Kiss's Love Gun but with italian outrageus and sexist lyrics and rough guitar work. For fanatic collectors only!

Carrions N.N.

-- Tapironto (1991, LP, private pressing)
-- Attimo di libertà (1993, 33 rpm 7' with 3 tks on Circus records) Not easy to find (especially the LP) but when it happens they are quite cheap.

Band from Sondrio (in the very deep north of Italy), in Motorhead style but with punk attitude in the italian lyrics.

Paul Chain Violet Theatre

-- Detaching From Satan (1984, mini LP on Minotauro Records. On CD in 2010 by Marquee Records)
-- Picture Disc (1986, mini LP on Minotauro Records, also known as Highway to Hell. On CD in 1997 with King Of The Dream and Ash.)
-- In the Darkness (1986, LP on Minotauro Records, a second pressing exists with a slightly different cover, the original has code 50986-17 and purple photo on the back, not sure about cover variations)
-- Opera 4th (1987, LP on Minotauro Records. On CD in 2010 by Marquee Records)

Paul Chain

-- King of the Dream / Welcome (1987, split 12" with Sabotage, on Minotauro Records. On CD in 1997 with Picture Disc and Ash.)
-- Ash (1988, mini LP, some copies also on purple vinyl, on Minotauro Records. On CD in 1997 with Picture Disc and King Of The Dream.)
-- Mirror (1989, 500 numbered copies made, 7" on Flight Nineteen records and not on Minotauro as reported on Metal Archives, someone should tell them )
-- Life and Death (1989, LP and CD on Minotauro Records)
-- Violet Art of Improvisation (1989, double LP and 2CD on Minotauro Records)
-- Klein Circus (1990, Split 7", it includes a poster, on Circus records)
-- Opera Decima - The World of the End (1990, 3LP box set, 1000 copies made, it includes a colour insert, also on 2CD, on Minotauro Records)
-- Les Temps du Grand Frère (1991, 7" on Flight Nineteen records)
-- Whited Sepulchres (1991, LP and CD on Minotauro Records)
-- Red Light (1993, 7" Split on La bande a' Bonnot records)
-- Sangue / Fammi Sorridere (1993, 7" split on Chansons D'amour records)
-- In Concert (1993, CD on Labyrinth records)
-- Dies Irae (1994, CD on Minotauro)
-- Alkahest (1995, CD on Flying Records)
-- Yellow Acid (1996, 7" on LM records)
-- Emisphere (1996, 2CD on Minotauro)
-- Mirror (1997, CD on Minotauro. Compilation of various old 7"s and sampler sessions)
-- Official Live Bootleg (1999, 2CD on Minotauro)
-- Solitude Man (2000, 7" on Beyond Productions, 1000 hand numbered copies made)
-- Full Moon Improvisation (2000, 7" split on Southern Lord records, 100 copies in gold vinyl, 900 in black vinyl)
-- Signs from space (2001, LP and CD on Beard of Stars records)
-- Sanctuary Heve (2001, 7" on Beyond Productions, 500 copies made).
-- Masters of All times (2001, CD on Andromeda Relics)
-- Container 47 (2001, CD on New LM Records)
-- Park Of Reason (2002, CD on Beyond Production)
-- Relatives Tapes On Cd (2002, on Quasar Records, 7 CDr box set)
-- Split Album (2002, CD on Quasar records, split with Johar)
-- Cosmic Wind (2003, CD on Beard Of Stars)
-- Unreleased vol. I (2003, CD on New LM records)
-- Unreleased Vol. II (2003, CD on Minotauro)
-- Lo-Fi Lovers (2005, CDr on Tra Bla records)
-- Collage Creation (2006, CDr on Tra Bla records)
-- Electronic Music (2008, CD dvd on Tra Bla records)


-- Another way (1993, on Newport/Austromechana). Their only official release was issued only on CD, this is one hard to find.

Founded in the 80' this band was devoted to Ratt/Dokken sound.


-- same (1993, LP on Mister X records)

Formed in 1984, a mix of speed metal and punk.

Creepin' Death

-- Errare Humanum Est... (1988, LP on LM records, gatefold cover) Easy to find.

Thrash metal band from Torino (Turin).


-- same (1989, LP and CD on Dischi Noi records. CD is limited to 300 copies)

Good classic HM produced by Kit Woolven, featuring Don Airey on keys as guest. It has two different covers, the artwork is the same but with different perspective.

Cry Baby

-- Free Hair! Free Hair! (1991, 7" on Metal Gold, private pressing)
-- And So On!!! (1991, LP on Metal Gold, private pressing) Both almost impossible to find.

Good melodic hard/AOR.

Crying Steel

-- same (1984, mini LP on Metal Eye records)
-- On the Prowl (1987, LP and CD on LM records. Vinyl on black, cristal clear and picture disc).

Crystal Phoenix

-- Myriam (1989, LP on Videostar records) Almost impossible to find.

Reissued on vinyl (sleeve openable as a poster) and CD in 1993 by Korean Si Wan records with different cover and on CD and LP in Italy by Black Widow records (both reissues are self-titled).

Danger Zone

-- Victime of Time (1984, mini LP on Subrecord) Hard to find, 140 euro or more. Also on a split bootleg CD with Ion Britton and Mistreated. Review

In Italy some copies of the master of their second unreleased album (Line Of Fire, 1989) and demos circulate among collectors.

Dark Ages

-- Saturnalia (1991, LP on Videostar records) Very hard to find as all Videostar records, 200 euro or more.

Between dark sound and Judas Priest.

Dark Crystal

-- Il Sogno del Guerriero (1990, private pressing). Only 50 copies made, almost impossible to find.

Recorded in Karlsruhe (Germany) by well known producer Kai Schluenz in his Katapult studios. Conceived as promo copies for labels and management (as stated in the back cover). Side B was recorded live in Karlsruhe on 5 october 1990. It's a mix of 70' medieval/prog/hard rock (and metal in a couple of songs).

Dark Lord

-- Same (1984, mini LP, private pressing)
-- State of Rock (1985, mini LP on Dark Record)
-- It's Night Time (1988, LP on Tonau records)
-- The Metal Years 1982/1985 (2005, CD on Heart Of Steel Records, includes their first two mini LPs and also some unreleased material from 1984 sessions)
-- The Nighttime years (2008, CD on Heart Of Steel Records, includes the full lenght album It's Night time and as bonus contains 8 tracks live recorded in 1987).

The original sound of the band was obscure and epic on the the first mini LP, then they changed singer (Gable Nalesso died from HIV, R.I.P.) and moved onward a more catchy sound (mini LP State of Rock). On the 3rd LP, Alex de Rosso (future gtr on tour with Dokken) took place on guitar (meanwhile original guitarist Alex Masi moved to USA for his solo career). It's night Time is still a good album, but in the vein of Ratt/Dokken sound.

Dark Quarterer

-- Same (1987, LP on Label Service, 500 copies made. Reissued on CD by Unisound in 2003 and Eat Metal in 2004. A new reissue bonus is expected in 2010 on Mygraveyard productions)
-- The Etruscan Prophecy (1988, LP on Cobra records, 1100 copies made. Reissued on Comet Records in 2002).
-- War Tears (1994, CD, originally on Inline Music, reissued in 2007 by Mygraveyard productions, first 100 copies includes a poster)
-- Symbols (2008, CD on Mygraveyard Productions)

Mygraveyard will publish a live DVD (recorded in Italy on 06/20/2009). This is the tracklist:

- Wandering in the Dark
- Ides of March
- Pyramids of Skulls
- The Blind Church
- Shadow of the Night
- Crazy White Race
- Dark Quarterer
- Colossus of Argil
- Retributioner
- Lady Scolopendra
- Deep Wake
- Last Song

Death SS

-- Evil Metal (1983, 7" 3tks on Electric Eye)
-- The story of... (1987, LP, MC and CD on Minotauro Records)
-- In death of Steve Silvester (1988, LP, mc, CD, picture LP on Metal Master, reissued on CD by Lucifer Rising with 4 bonus tks)
-- Vampire (1989, 12" picture ep, 2tks, on Metal Master)
-- Black Mass (1989, LP, mc, CD, picture LP on Metal Master, reissued on CD by Lucifer Rising with 5 bonus tks)
-- Kings of Evil (1990, 12" picture ep, 2tks, on Metal Master)
-- Where have you gone (1991, 12" ep, 3tks on Contempo records, also on purple vinyl)
-- Heavy Demons (1991, LP, mc, CD on Contempo records, reissued on CD by Lucifer Rising with 4 bonus tks)
-- The video 1988/1990 (1992, VHS, private)
-- The cursed concert (1992, LP, MC, CD on Contempo records, reissued on CD by Lucifer Rising wit 4 bonus tks taken from the EP Straigth to Hell) Released under the momentary band name Sylvester's Death.
-- The Cursed Show (1992, VHS video, on Contempo records)
-- Straight to Hell (1993, CD-EP on Contempo records) Released under the momentary band name Sylvester's Death.
-- The Cursed Singles (1995, box set of 4 7" on Avantgarde records, containing four individual singles masquerading as reprints of individual selfproduced in the 80 ', but actually published here for the first time)
-- Horror Music - The best of (1996, 2LP, CD on Lucifer Rising, 666 copies made)
-- Do what thou wilt (1997, LP, mc, CD on Lucifer Rising)
-- Baron Samedi (1997, mini-CD 3 tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- Night of the living Death SS (1998, Lucifer Rising, Box includes Vhs, Guardian Angel/Tempting Devil 7", t-shirt, poster & medallion, 2000 copies made)
-- Scarlet Woman (1999, 12" picture ep, 3tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- Hi-tech Jesus (2000, mini-CD, 4tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- Lady of Babylon (2000, mini-CD, 4tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- Panic (2000, LP, CD on Lucifer Rising, 1000 copies made, LP includes a poster)
-- Let the sabbath begin (2001, CD live bonus mini-CD on Lucifer Rising)
-- Transylvania (2001, mini-CD 3tks 1 video, Lucifer Rising)
-- Sinful Dove (2003, 12" picture ep, 2tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- Hell on earth (2003, 2tks 1video, CD only promo, Lucifer Rising)
-- Pain (2003, mini-CD 3tks 1video, Lucifer Rising)
-- The sleep of reason (2004, mini-CD 2 tks 1 video, only promo, Lucifer Rising)
-- The 666 box (2004, it includes 6 reissues on 7", 666 copies made, on Lucifer Rising)
-- The Horned God Of the Witches (2004, double LP, CD on Lucifer Rising/Black Widow records, 100 copies in red vinyl, 600 copies in black vinyl. Collection of early demos and live stuff from 1977/1982)
-- Give 'em hell (2005, mini-CD 4tks on Lucifer Rising)
-- The 7th Seal (2006, double LP, CD on Lucifer Rising)
-- Transylvania (2007, picture 7", on Supreme Music Creation) there are a lot of different pressing (italian and foreign). promo and bootleg reissue, i will post them sooner or later

It's important to report that their official italian fan club issued some official bootlegs (studio and live) with rare and unreleased material.

Steve Sylvester's solo recordings can be found under the letter S.


-- Self Conditioned, Self Limited (1988, LP on Metal Master records)
-- Down in the depths of Sickness (1990, LP and CD on Metal Master)

Thrash Metal.

Der Tod

-- I scream/indecisions (1991, 7" on City Records)
-- Red Light/Vampire (1993, 7" split P. Chain on side A, on La bande a Bonnot records)


-- Sempre immutata fede (1985, 7" EP on Chaos prod. Two different first pressing exists, one with black and white label and one with a hand drawn)
-- soltanto la morte potrà fermarci (1986, LP on Chaos Prod.)
-- II (1989, LP on T. V. O. R. Records, also on red vinyl)

Hardcore band on the borderline with thrash metal in the first two records. At the time they were very appreciated in the italian thrash metal scene.


-- same (1981, LP on Best Sound records) Very hard to find (80/100 euro or more)

This band sounded like early Magnum.


-- Once and for all (1989, LP and CD on Metal Master, reissued on CD in 2009 by Metalmaster/Markuee records)

Melodic metal band with ex members from Hocculta, Royal Air Force and Iceberg.


-- Same (1988, LP and MC on LM records)
-- No trace of Sanity (2nd unreleased LP from 1989 issued for the first time on CD in 2009 by New LM records)

Thrash metal act. The band has just annunced the CD reissue of their first self named LP and also a CD with early demos by the end of 2010.

Dum Dum Hill

-- In celebration of your secret sins (1991, mini LP on Nice Records, private pressing) Not so hard to find in fairs here in Italy (20/35 euro maximum if mint).

Milano based band, good street/glam.


-- Let it survive/Brainstorm (1984, 7" on Smoko Records)
-- Over the Space (1986, LP on Discotto Metal records, reissued by Markuee records in 2007)
-- Due (1989, LP, MC on Minotauro Records, reissued on CD in japan in 1994 by Alpha Brunette records, reissued in 1995 on Long Island records as "Elektradrive" with 5 nonus tks taken from Over The space)
-- Big City (1993, LP and MC on Dracma records, reissued on CD in japan only by Alpha Brunette records with 2 bonus tks in 1994)
-- Living 4 (2004, CD, Valery records)


-- The Age of Control (1987, LP, only promo copies, private pressing) Very hard to find.

Born from the ashes of Xenon (a 7" in 1983) this band worshipped Rush of the 80's and they sounded like them but in a "darkened" way. Some of the players changed name to Xanadu and became a Rush tribute band (who knows why?) and are still active.


-- Same
(1996, Plaschke records, only on CD) One of the rarest italian items from this aor/class band.

A must if you like melodic rock. Founded in 1982, they recorded their only album after 14 years!


-- The Cataclysm (1989, LP on Minotauro Records)
-- Klein Circus (1990, on Circus records, 7" 33 rpm, split with Kina, Madhouse and P. Chain, one track for each band. It comes with a poster)
-- Psychopatic Intentions (1991, Circus records). 7" ep
-- Uomini contro (1992, Circus records). split LP with Accidia
-- Sangue/Fammi sorridere (1993, Chanson d'amour records) 7" split with P. Chain
-- Friends (1994, Circus records) LP and CD
-- Time goes by (1995, Blu Bus records) 7" split with P. Chain
-- World of Illusions (1995, Day After records) 7" 3tks
-- World of Illusions (1995, Day After records) mini lp/ep 7 tks

Note that years later Eversor recorded some other stuff (on vinyls and CDs) but into emocore style, not metal.


-- We fuckin'care (1987, Sonic Attack records) mini LP (three different coloured version exists, black, blue and crystal clear)
-- Tension at the seams (1993, Rosemary/s Baby/Contempo records) LP and CD.

A little HeavyPowerSpeed gem!/DaNFeline Melinda

-- The felines await you (1988, Metal Voice records, private pressing, mini LP 12", 33 rpm with 7 tks)
-- Living in Europe (1995, mini-CD on Face records)
-- Feline Melinda (2004, self produced)
-- Morning Dew (2008, Mygraveyard productions)

By the end of 2010 a reissue of their first mini LP should be reissued with bonus tks by Mygraveyard prod.

Fil di Ferro

-- Hurricanes (1986, Discotto Metal Productions, LP)
-- Fil Di Ferro (1988, Dischi Noi records, LP)
-- Rock Rock Rock (1992, Axix records, LP, CD and MC)
-- It Will Be Passion (2004, Licantropus records)

Hard Rock/HM. The band has many times announced and then postponed the reissues of their two LPs of the 80's.


-- Same (1989, LP on Cobra Records. Reissued as Hell'n'Back on Old metal records with some bonus tks).
-- Destroy Western World (2008, CD on Old Metal records)


-- Same (1988, LP on Lost & Found Records) You can find it in italian fairs from 40 to 60 euro.
-- Labyrinth (1994, CD on Arexong records) Heart of Steel records announced for 2010 a reissue with bonus tks (i don't know if the bonus will be taken from their first LP of 1988 or unreleased tracks from demos).

Franco CarusoFrom Milan. This band deserves a more thorough discussion:
The mastermind Franco Caruso (born in 1968). Published in 1980 (he was only 12 years old!) his first 7" with his early band Macid (almost impossible to find, see letter M) then together with his brother Enzo formed Firehouse. In 1987 they recorded a split MC with White Sensation (a melodic metal band from Switzerland, four tks for both the bands). In 1988 they released this their self titled debut LP (on Lost & Found records, someone should add it on Metal Archives...). It includes the MC 4tks, a good work of melodic metal (if you like Giuffria/House of Lords..). In 1989 under the fake monicker of Special Guitars published a second LP (almost impossible to find, for more details see letter S). Then in 1994 published their second full lenght on CD only. Then the band split up, but Franco Caruso formed Arachnes (a well known prog metal band, seven CDs made). He was also involved in Darklight (gothic metal band, one CD made) and he also recorded two solo's CD (and he is also the author of some movie, fiction, cartoon and commercials spot for italian TV).

Flight Charm

-- Waiting White Lady (1988, on LM records, MC and LP, 500 copies made) Not so difficult to find (25/40 euro) The "reissue" is a bootleg on Hard'n'Heavy rarities vol. 11 together with Rychus Syn and Buster Brown.

From Venezia, melodic epic metal (if you like early Rainbow). A second LP was recorded in 1990, No More Flight (with a different line up and style) but never issued.

Florence 99

-- Same (1990, LP, MC and CD on CGD records)

For those who likes Hard/aor a la Treat/Stage Dolls etc.

The CD is quite impossible to find, less than 20 (twenty!) copies were made around because the band had troubles with the label, all other copies on CDs were destroyed, so forget about it. I had 3 copies in the past (I sold one for 500 euros 4 years ago and one traded for some others rare records). It's one of the most wanted aor CDs in the world. Here I am with my copy --->

Fratelli Balestra

-- Judy/Sogno d'arcobaleno (1984, 7" 45 rpm on CGM records)

Formed by the three Balestra brothers (a roman trio of multi-instrumentalists). Very good melodic stuff in the vein of Journey/Foreigner (in Italy, under fakes monicker, they were very famous as authors of signature tunes of japanese cartoons as Jeeg, Teppei, Starzinger etc. to name a few). They were also active as cover band (Deep Purple, Uriah Heep)

Free The Nation

-- Same (1992, LP on La Prigione del Suono records). Produced by Luca Trabanelli (ex Hocculta)

Milano based band, born as Bad Reputation (a cover band of Led zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad). A very powerful album, full of hard rock songs.

Furious Barking

-- De-Industrialized (1991. mini LP on Goddam Church records)
-- Theory of diversity (1992, but never published at that time, it's their second work, issued on CD in 2008 by Punishment18 records)

Decent thrash metal band from Ascoli Piceno in the centre of Italy.


-- Audax Vincit (1988, mini LP on GLS, private pressing)

One of the worst records ever from Italy (IMO!) The band is still active (melodic hard rock, with ups and downs, only the bass player alex Moschini remains from the original line up) and several demos recorded (the last one in 2005).

Garcon Fatal

-- Fox on the Run/Tell Me (1987, on High Rise records, 7" 45 rpm, side A is a Sweet cover)
-- Love and Pride (1989, LP on Contempo records)

Roman based band, a good exemple of sleaze/glam hard rock.

Glomming Geek

-- Dog's Head (1990, LP on Vitriol records)
-- Dig a hole in the sky (1992, CD and LP on Wide records, black and limited copies in transparent vinyl)
-- Souls without stains/Great western machine (1994, 7" 45 rpm on Wide records)

A mix of hard rock/stoner and grunge.

Glory Hunter

Tough they never released a vinyl, this band deserves to be mentioned here, in fact. Born in 1988, recorded two decent power metal demos (in 1989 and 1991) then they released an official MC in 1993 (Synchro records, private pressing, six tracks) in prog metal vein. A second work followed in 1998, Ulysses, Day Two (CD only, on Underground Symphony records). Very good prog metal. The band is still active and you can buy the reissue of the early demos and MC on CD on their official website (you can also listen samples of all their stuff):


-- Vincerò/Le note che sbagliavi (1982, 7" 45 rpm on Bajona Records, someone should add it on Metal Archives)
-- This is Love for my friends/I'm ready (1983, 7" 45 rpm on Shirak Records)
-- Mr. Tippel (1984, LP on Shirak records)
-- Fire/Headbangers (1985, 7" 45 rpm on Industry Records Company, a Greek label, almost impossible to find, and not on the Metal Archives...) these two tracks appear also on the "Power of The Night" demo, 1985)


-- Same (1984, mini LP on Picchio Records)
-- Thunder of War (2004, CD on Battle Cry records. New stuff and as bonus their 4tks 1984 mini LP)

Traditional Power/Heavy Metal.

The Guns

-- Mirrors (1988, LP on Pop Core Records) Very hard to find, but crappy production and very poor quality songs.

Thrash metal band from Firenze

H. Kristal

-- 1981 (1992, mini LP on Fireball productions) Very hard to find (from 80 to 120 euro).
-- Empty (1997, Underground Symphony)

One of the italian prime movers, born in 1981 (that's why their 1st record has this title). It has a good production, very good songs, for those who likes Fates Warning/Queensryche stuff (1987/1990 era). The CD is a little bit more progressive and both are among my favorites.


-- Same (1986, LP private pressing, reissued on CD in 2006 by Steelheart records, now Heart of Steel records. The CD contains 3 demo tks and the video of a song (Cry No More) as bonus). Hard to find, from 70 to 120 euro (but after the CD reissue it's easier)

Until some months ago two different edition were known (I discovered a third edition some months ago, maybe it is a misspress). There is the "normal" edition (with that kind of goblin on the front cover and a band's picture on the back). A special edition with white cover, published and sold only on the 1986's christmas day during a benefit gig for UNICEF (on the front cover there is "Hallowed for Unicef", almost impossible to find). The third version maybe is a mispress as i wrote before - in the back cover there is only the track list, the band's picture is missing.


-- L.A.D.Y. (1985, mini LP on Discotto Metal Metal) very hard to find (100 euro or more)

Born as a heavy/epic metal act (the "Evil metal" demo), this band changed sound towards glam metal. The members have repeatedly announced and then postponed the CD reissue of all their material (early demo, mini LP and live stuff).


-- Nothing will remain (1989, LP on Metalnews Records)
-- Introspection (1991, LP and CD on Dracma metal Records)

Good thrash metal act.

Heart On The Rocks

-- Believe me/Dance on Jailhouse rock (1989, 7" 45 rpm, private pressing) Almost impossible to find!

From Milano, good heavy pomp (for those who likes bands such Prophet and House of Lords)

Hearts On Fire

-- Canadian Dry (1989, LP on Black Rose inc.) Only very few promo copies circulated in a white thin paper sleeve, imalmost impossible to find, it includes a promotional sheet with two photos and meager biographical notes.

Very good melodic hard rock/aor.

Heaven Keys

-- Let's go easy/you got the rock'n'roll (1989, 7" 45 rpm on Minotauro Records) Not so hard to find, from 15 to 30 euro.

Melodic keyboards oriented hard rock (they reminded me of Angel, also for their "all white" look)

Heaven's Touch

-- the best 1988/1995 (2009, CD on Forkate records) Only 500 hand numbered copies made.

In the vein of Poison/Motley Crue in their early times, then in the wake of Europe, Bad Habit, one of the most underrated italian bands. This CD contains several professional demos (they never released something official at that time) .


-- Warning Games (1984, LP on Discotto Metal, reissued in 2005 on CD by A&R prod/Markuee records, no bonus tks)
-- Back In The Dark (1989, LP on Metal Master, reissued on CD in 2009 by Metal Master/Markuee Records, only in digipack, no bonus tks)
-- Taste the Return (2006, on Dedalo Sound, mini-CD with only two original tks and the Scorpions's cover of Blackout)

Hot Honey

-- Lies and Promises (1988, mini LP on Fireball management) Only very few sleeveless promo copies circulated. They signed a deal with Discotto Metal to release the album but the band split up just some months before. Almost impossible to find.

The band was from Padova, the lead guitar player was Alex Favaretto (aka Alex de Rosso, later with Dark Lord and also with Dokken in their 2001 tour). A good glam metal band!

Hot Pets

-- Love Games (mini LP released on Tekno Records, 1989 and not 1990 as stated on Metal Archives. There is also a mistake on the Italian metal encyclopedia, it shows 1987 as year of release) Very hard to find, 80 euro or more.

This band was from Sassari (Sardegna). A good glam/street metal band. A second mini LP was recorded but never released, CDr copies of the master circulates among collectors.

Hurricane Makers Band

-- Same (1988, mini LP on Veronica Label, private pressing)
-- Let's start the engine (1992, LP on Veronica Label, private pressing) Both very hard to find.

In the vein of early Whitesnake.


-- Grey Sky (1990, mini LP on LM records)
-- The ground, the light, the sound (1992, LP on LM records) Both easy to find (from 20 to 40 euro each).
-- Live, Box and Jam (1994, CD, self produced)
-- Scene (1995, CD on Pick up records)
-- Metamorphosis master demos of 1987 (2008, CD on New LM records)
-- Progressivamente 1990--1995 (2008, CD on New LM records).

Good prog metal from this band.

Ifix Tcen Tcen

-- Liquid Party (1990, CD on TVOR on Vinyl/Circus)

Thrashcore/punk in the vein of S.O.D., GANG GREEN.. It contains several disco music covers, jingle covers and so on, truly irriverent!


-- Istinto e rabbia (1993, CD on Polydor records)
-- Guarda dentro te (1996, CD on Polydor records) Both quite difficult to find.

Formed in the 80's as Inviolacy, one of the best thrash metal acts from Italy. You can download for free their records and demo at http://outlander999. altervista. org/mp3. htm through authorization given by the band.


-- UH!?! (1989, on Sonic Attack, on red vinyl only) Easy to find (at least here in Italy), from 15 to 30 euro.

Good thrash metal band from Sicily.


-- Tempo di vittoria/Rivoluzione (1976, 7" 45rpm on Janus records, private pressing, recorded live)

..Then they changed name to Janus, see below for more details.


-- Same (1977, this record is also known as "European Rock Ensemble", 7" ep 33rpm, five tracks, on Janus records, private pressing)
-- Al maestrale (1978, LP on Janus records, private pressing. Reissued in 1979 on MC on Janus/VDF records. Reissued on CD in 1995 as a private pressing. Re-reissued on CD in 1997 on Cosmorecord. Re-rereissued in 500 copies on LP in 1998 on Bondage records)

This band was from Rome, their music was a mix of hard rock and prog (they remind me of Jethro Tull's hardest stuff). They were politically aligned to the far right, from the perspective of the lyrics (all in italian) they were a fascist band. It is almost impossible to find the first pressing of their stuff (especially Al maestrale) because the warehouse in which were contained most of the copies was burned during the so-called "italian's lead years", during clashes between fascists and communists.

Jester Beast

-- Poetical Freakscream (1991, LP on GLC records)
-- Serial Killer (1992, ep 12" 45 rpm on J.B. records. 500 numbered copies)


-- Uomo Lupo (1986, LP on Drums record) Almost impossible to find.

Five pieces from Torino, a good hard rock band (for those who likes Deep Purple and Rainbow). Some of the former members still play in Deep Purple/Whitesnake tribute band.


-- On Fire (1987, LP on Harmony records) Very hard to find.

A good album of Hard Rock/AOR. The band was from Milano.

Latitudine 45

-- La città/neve (1982, 7" on Drums records) Almost impossible to find

This band was totally devoted to B.Ö.C. (even their logo reminds the symbol of chaos).


-- Same (CD on Heart of Steel Records, 2009) Originally released a self titled album in 1991 on cassette only.

A glam metal band with former members from Halloween, Foxy Lady and Devil's Claw. They later slightly changed name to LA ROX, recruited Morby (Sabotage/Domine) and released a second full length titled Help Me Out (1995, CD on Pick Up records).


-- Le ragioni della speranza (1989, mini LP on City records) Very hard to find (from 80 to 120 euro)

They came from Lecco (in the north of Italy). Musically they played an heavy metal based on dueling guitar and keyboards. After the split the rythm section and the guitar player will create Testimonia, a thrash metal trio ( they recorded two CDs in the early 90's).


-- Beyond the mind curtain (1988, LP on City Record) Not so hard to find (sometimes it is cheap, from 15 to 25 euro).

Bologna based band, they played melodic metal.


-- Quelle del Rock'n'Roll/Dannato Angelo (1989, 7" on CGD Records)
-- Che donne saremo/Quelle del Rock'n'Roll (1990, 7" on CGD Records)
-- Lipstick (1990, LP on CGD Records)

All female band from Milano, they played good hard rock/aor.

Lord Crucifier

-- Will Evil Win? (1987, split 7" flexi disc wit 3 others bands, with the track Deserter to freedom, on Peaceville records)
-- The focus of life (1988, LP and CD on metalworks records)

Strange story for this trio: Founded in 1983 as Haze, bass player and drummer moved from Italy to England in 1985 and after the release of "The Focus Of Life" recruited on lead guitar Adam Lehan (Acid Reign, Cathedral...). A mixture of thrash/death metal.

Love Machine

-- Same (1989, LP on Sanremo Hit records) Quite hard to find (50 euro or more, some copies were for promotional use and included a promotional flyer and a photo of the band).
-- Hungry For your Love (1992, LP on Wheel on Steel records) Heart of Steel records will reissue it on CD by the end of 2010.

Good band from Milano, their debut was still immature. Later they changed line up and recorded two very good melodic metal CD in the 90's. For melodic/class metal lovers.


-- So Wild/Sex Addict (1989, 7" on Lakota Music) It's their only vinyl and is very hard to find.

Good glam metal band (for whose who likes Tigertailz and Wratchild UK). They were from Bologna.

Lunar Sex

-- Same (1982, LP on Pink Records) very hard to find (150 euro or more)

Roma based band. They started as a punk/new wave band at the end of the 70's (in 1980 they contributed to a rare rock compilation with two tracks), then changed line-up and sound toward HM. Good album for those who likes NWOBHM contaminated with new wave/punk.


-- State Of Excitement (1989, LP on LM records) Easy to find (from 25 to 40 euro)
Good power/thrash metal.


-- Milano sempre sarai/Contaminazione (1980, 7" on NAR records) Almost impossible to find.

This was the first band of Caruso brothers (Firehouse, Special Guitars, Arachnes etc). Franco Caruso (guitar) was 12 years old at that time!!! A good example of Hard/metal with some punk influences in the voice lines.

Mad Poltergeist

-- Mad'n'Damn' (1989, mini LP on Metalnews records) It's becoming hard to find, 30/40 euro or more.

Good thrash metal band from Genova (for those who likes Holy Terror and Mekong Delta).


-- Klein Circus (1990, 7" 33rpm, split with Eversor, Kina and P. Chain, on Circus Reccords. it includes a poster)
-- O.D.I.A.M.I. (1992, aka One day In A Mine, LP on Circus Records). Both not so hard to find.

Good thrash metal/crossover band.


-- Same (1982, 12" ep, 3 tracks, on Sangy prod. private pressing) Sleeveless, only 300 copies made for promotional use. The vinyl comes in an anonymous white cardboard cover. Very hard to find.

Marylin 44

-- Rock'n'Roll rebel/Don't Lie (1990, 7" on American Records, private pressing) almost impossible to find.

Very good street/glam metal (for those who likes L. A. Guns, Bang Tango etc.) band members had an average age of fifteen!


-- Magic diamonds (1990, LP on Metalnews) This LP is quite hard to find (from 60 euro up)

Good heavy metal band from Napoli, split up in 1992. Reunited in 2001 (with a different line up), they recorded two CD in a good prog metal vein in 2004 and 2006.

Alex Masi

-- Fire In the rain (1987, LP on Metal Blade)
-- Downtown Dreamers (1988, LP on Metal Blade)
-- Attack of the Neon Sharks (1989, LP on Metal Blade)
-- Vertical Invader (1990, LP on Metal Blade)

After leaving Dark Lord and Italy, Alex Masi moved to Los Angeles where Sound Barrier became his backing band.


-- Same (1991, LP on Carrefours records, reissued a year later on CD with 3 bonus tks by Zasko Lab) The vinyl is clear and transparent. Quite hard to find, 70/80 euro up.

Another strange italian story for this roman based thrash metal band (founded in 1986). They signed a deal with Carrefours, a belgian label and published the LP for them. One year later italian label Zasko Lab reissued it on CD only with 3 bonus tks. It was more than a decent thrash metal band from Roma (don't believe to the nasty review made on Metal Archives!)


-- Silence (1988/89? the year is not sure. LP on LM records) (@DaN: maybe this is the missing album in the catalogue of LM number 23/24? sorry, but i never saw a copy)
I know that only 20 promo copies were made (because the band split up before releasing it officially). Anonymous white cover comes with copied lyricsheet, copied photo and tracklist. Almost impossible to find, if someone wants it i saw a link where it is for sale for 510 euro.

The band was from Firenze and played speed metal.

Maxx Dolls

-- Same
(1992, Magic Bus records mini-CD) A very hard to find CD nowadays.

Founded in Brescia in 1988. In 1991 they won the Yamaha world contest playing live at the mythical Budokan in Tokyo. If you like Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue etc..

Meat Puppets

-- Gold/Look at yourself (1982, 7" on Drums records)
-- Gold (1983, LP on Drums records, the inner sleeve includes all the lyrics ) Both hard to find.

Decent Hard/Heavy from Torino.


-- BSM (2009, CD on ROAL sound international)

Thrash metal band from Bologna. They recorded (but never released) an EP and some demos and after the split up (1988) two members of the band joined Extrema. Some months ago finally the former members published this CD. It contains six original tks, a live tk and a new song.


-- Same (1980, LP on Chic records). Very hard to find but only for fanatics and completists.

Good guitar sound for this hard/heavy rock band but the drums sounds like crappy disco music!

The MI.S.S.

-- Wrong Place, Wrong Time (1995, Lucretia Records, CD only)

Street metal with some southern rock from this band founded in the middle of the 80's. This is their only album.

Miss Daisy

-- Pizza Connection (1989, LP on GWR Records, produced by "Fast" Eddie Clarke) Quite easy to find on LP. A few dozen promotional CD copies were made in the USA for college radios and press only.

Born from the ashes of Mausen and Stiff (prime mover bands from Rome in the early 80's). Very good street metal. A reissue on CD is expected by the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 on Heart of Steel records.

Momo Big Band

-- All Over (1985, LP on Pentagramma)
-- Today/You have changed my life (1989, 7" on Momo records, private pressing) Both the vinyls are hard to find, only for completist!

Decent AOR/Rock band from Torino (they are still active as a cover band).


-- Project One (1990MC and LP on Metal Master)

Born from the collaboration of Necrodeath and Schizo, it's quite hard to find. You can download it for free at their official myspace www. myspace. com/mondocane2


-- Synapsis (1989, LP on Crime records) Not so hard to find, 25/30 euro if mint.

Decent band from Udine, they played a mix of garage/hard rock and metal.

Moon Of Steel

-- Passions (1989, LP on Cult'n'Roses records) Not so hard to find (30/40 euro). The LP has a gatefold cover. The first CD reissue was a german bootleg with a horrible and different cover (a dish full of spaghetti) titled Spaghetti Metal. The official reissue was done in 1995 by Lucretia Records (no bonus tks).

Good melodic/prog metal band from Milano. Tthis is (IMO) their best album, for those who like the old stuff of Fates Warning/Queensryche. Then after the reunion in 1998 they became more prog metal oriented (one mini-CD in 1999 and a CD in 2002).


Roberta "Morgana" Delaude-- Same (1988, mini LP on Video Star records, 4 tks) One of the rarest italian items.
-- Lady Winter (1989, LP, private pressing) This LP should have been published by LM records, but it never happened, only few promo copies were made, maybe 20. It includes all the tracks from first EP. A bootleg version exist on LP and CD with different cover artwork.
-- Three years of madness (2005, LP and CD on LM records/Andromeda Relix) Official reissue of Lady Winter. Note that due to band's mistake the title of the CD is wrong (maddness instead of madness, as you can see on the cover artwork).

Morgana (under the monicker of Morgana Delaude) published in 1995 an EP 12" of disco music, Rock Steady Beat/Orinoc Flow (on Drohm records, it was a sub label of Flying Records, catalog number 015).


-- Metal Heart (1985, mini LP on MPH, private pressing, 4 tks) though it is becoming hard to find this is not well known so sometimes you can find for cheap (from 20 to 40 euro if vg or near mint).

Born as Springwater (the band was from Pontassieve near Firenze) in the early 80's this power trio changed name in 1983 and published this rare mini lp. Good hard and heavy.


-- Welcome (1989, mini LP on Metal Master, 5 tks) Sometimes you can find it for cheap on ebay and fairs (20/30 euro).

Founded by former members of Bloody Skizz and New Age this four piece came from Milano. They played melodic hard rock/aor (produced by AC Wild from Bulldozer).


-- Into the Macabre (1987, LP on Nightmare Productions, with gatefold cover) Reissued on CD in 1999 by Scarlet records. Reissued on vinyl in 2009 by Foad records (first 100 copies on blue vinyl)
-- Fragments of Insanity (1989, LP on Metal Master) Reissued on CD in 2001 by Scarlet records.

In 1990 the band split up and rejoined in 1999 releasing several album from there on. In 2009 Terror From hell records reissued on 10" vinyl format the "The shining pentagram" demo 4tks. For collectors and maniacs I signal the official reissue on 10" splatter vinyl of the Ghostrider "Mayhemic Destruction" 4 tks demo (1984, pre Necrodeath) by Foad Records (you can buy it for ten euro at


-- same (1993, mini LP on ND, 7 tks, private pressing) Quite easy to find, from 10 to 25 euro if vg or mint.

Formed in 1987 by founding members of Bulldozer (Erminio Galli and Dario"neurodeliri" Carria who committed suicide in 1988 (Bulldozer dedicated to their old friend the Neurodeliri album) On the first demo tape the lyrics were in Milanese dialect, On the LP the lyrics are in italian. It was a good speed metal band. An anthological reissue with demos and live tracks is expected by the end of 2010 on Jolly Roger Records.

Nevrotic Sisma

-- Danger/Regina Bianca, Regina Nera (1986, 7" private pressing) The metal archives file is wrong (the image of the cover artwork is ok, but it's a 7" 45 rpm and not a demo. Quite hard to find (25/30 euro or more).

They recorded a first 3 tks self titled demo in 1985 (with italian lyrics, Supercaos, Necrofilia Story, Shock Blasfemo were the titles). A second demo named "Il negromante" was recorded in 1987 (Negromante, Stella Cometa, Dominio e Sterminio and Rabbia were the titles) Musically they were devoted to Judas Priest (especially for the high pitched vocals) and the guitar riffing, also had some obscure influences by B.Ö.C. Unfortunately the production of the 7" is very crappy, but the music is very good (imo).

New Age

-- New Age/Nessuno Ci fermerà (1981, 7"on Belgravia Records the year on the Metal archives file is wrong) Very hard to find, 60/70 euro or more.

Born in 1979 in Milano, they also recorde two demos (1983 and 1984) and supported Raven during thir italian tour in 1981. Good hard/metal with italian lyrics, some of their members then played with Vanadium.

Nico's Fleet

-- Born For Your Ears (1988, mini LP on Video Star)
-- Burned Down To The Wire (1992, LP on Video Star) Both very hard to find (as all the other stuff realized by Video Star)

Band formed in Tarquinia (near Rome). Decent neoclassical metal (for those who likes Malmsteen, Impellitteri etc.) After the split of the band Nico Tamburella (the leader and guitar player) moved to Los Angeles for some years and then to London where now he lives and keeps on playing and recording metal albums with his Nico's Alchemy.

Nuclear Symphony

-- Lost In Wonderland (1989, LP on Metal Master, and CD on SPV/Steamhammer. This CD contains "Snoopies" as a bonus track). Reissued in 2009 by Metal Master/Markuee. Note that the reissue has not the bonus track so the tracklist is the same as on the vinyl version. Quite easy to find.

Good thrash metal band from Favara (Sicily).


-- Same (1991, mini LP on OBL, private pressing, 6 tks, only 500 copies made) Hard to find, 60/70 euro.

Good thrash metal act from Emilia Romagna.


-- Profumo D'oriente/1984 (1981, 7" on Italian records) Very hard to find.

Almost unknown band from Bologna, they played a mix of hard rock and prog (a la Uriah Heep/Quatermass) with duelling guitar and keys (note that side b is instrumental).

Holy Grail of Italian Epicness!
Old Yron

-- Same (1989, mini LP, private pressing) Almost impossible to find! it seems that only 1000 copies were made but because of distribution problems only a few dozen have circulated at that time. Reissued on CD in 2009 by Shadow Kindgom Records.

Formed in 1974 in Mestre (near Venezia) as a cover band. After many changes of the line up they realized this very obscure gem of the italian metal.


-- Destroyed Xmas/Sensations (1985, 7" on Out Production, private pressing) Only promo copies were made, sleeveless, nowaday it is impossible to find.

Band from milano, they played good hard/aor but with crappy productions.


-- Sin City (1988, mini LP on Metal Master) Quite easy to find here in Italy (from 15 to 35 euro, don't pay no more!).

Formed in Milano as Athena in 1980 by Franco Avella (drums, founding member of Vanadium in 1979). Changed monicker at the beginning of 1988. They recorded two demo tapes (Sometimes Lovers and Don't Surrender) and this mini lp/ep. Good hard and heavy.


-- Last Power (1990, it's a mini LP and not a demo as reported on Metal Archives , private pressing, all copies with poster) Easy to find (from 20 to 30 euro if vg or near mint).

Decent thrash/hardcore band from Lecco.


-- Breaking Down The Walls (1990, Mercury records on LP and CD) the CD is very hard to find (400/500 euro or more).

I personally do not consider this band as if it were Italian (only guitar player Tancredi "Tank Palmer" Palamara was), the others were from Switzerland. Anyway good melodic metal (later they changed name to Gunshy and recorded "Mayday" in 1995.


-- Tour (1987? the year is not sure, 12" 4 tracks ep on Alt Music, private pressing)

Very unknown band from Piemonte in the north west of Italy. Nice melodic hard rock/aor with amazing cover. Almost impossible to find!

Pat Heaven

-- Welcome to Heaven (1989, LP on Docam records, only 300 numbered copies made, it includes also a poster) reissued on vinyl and CD (only 120 copies each made) in 1999 by Andromeda Relix (note that they used original covers that the band had in stock).

Good melodic hard/melodic metal (for those who likes Rainbow and Deep Purple). Very hard to find.

Fabrizio Pieraccini

-- Affetti Smarriti/Digli No (1991, 12" 45 rpm ep on RCA records). Very hard to find (70/80 euro)

Very good melodic hard/aor (for those who likes Stan Bush or Van Stephenson). In 2003 and 2005 this artist published with his band "Green" two amazing albums for those who likes aor/pomp rock.

Power Skin

-- Mittel Europa/Tu hai il male dentro (1989, 7" on Rebelles Europeens, 1000 copies made)
-- Celtica Bianca Spada (1991, LP on Rebelles Europeens, a french label specialized in OI! releases) Both very hard to find.

Skinhead/OI! band (but they played metal and not punk) from Monfalcone (in the north east of Italy, near Slovenia).


-- The Shadowing (1990, mini LP, private pressing, 500 copies made) Very hard to find.

Born in Napoli as Hellrage at the beginning of 1980 (with this monicker they supported Picture during their italian tour in 1982) The band then published several CD (all on Black Widow records). A very good band, a mix of dark, heavy metal and prog.


-- Bikers From Hell (1989, LP on Lakota records) Not so hard to find (20/30 euro).

Scorching garage/hard rock band from Bologna, a metallic version of Blue Cheer, Stooges and MC5.

Purple Angels

-- Same (1991, LP and MC on Axis records) Reissued on CD by the same label
in 1995 with 3 bonus tks (the LP is easy to find, the CD is quite rare).

Good band from Torino, for those who likes Deep Purple/Rainbow. Still active as a 60/70s tribute band (they are the backing band of Ian Paice when he plays solo's gigs in Italy).

R.A.F. (Royal Air Force)

-- Same (1985, mini LP on Axe Killer Records)
-- Fasten Your Seat Belts (1988, LP on Metal Master)
-- Leading The Riot (1989, LP on Metal Master)

Good melodic metal band from Milano. They were very popular in Italy in the 80's (they also supported Manowar, Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden etc.) but they committed the seriuos mistake to play as backing band of Jovanotti (a well known italian rapper) losing favor with fans so much to force them to disband.

Rabid Duck

-- Who framed rabid duck (1989, LP on LM records) Very nice cover (it includes a sticker) with kind of demonic Disney's ducks. Quite easy to find.

Good crossover band (for those who likes D.R.I., S.O.D., Gang Green etc) with ironic and irriverent lyrics.


-- Same (1985. mini LP on SPQR) This mini LP is very hard to find.

Born at the end of the 70's as Trancefusion (a punk band). In 1980 they changed monicker beginning to play metal and supporting Ian Gillan and Iron Maiden in 1981 during their italian tours. Raff recorded a first EP for EMI Italia (but it was never released) and a full lenght album (Gates of Fortune) for King Steve Records (and even that was never published). Bianco brothers (founding members and core of the band) also played live in the USA during the 80's as session men for historical hardcore band Raw Power. With ups and downs they are still active.


-- Ten Years After (1991, LP on Sysma Records). Very hard to find. The band reissued it themselves on CD (now totally sold out) in 2004 with multimedial section containing old videos as bonus.
-- Red Revolution (1994, self produced, CD only)
-- Bigditch 4707 (1999, self produced, CD only)
-- Headshaker (2003, Deadsun records, CD only)
-- Dad is Dead (2008, Aural music, CD only).

Bologna based band, among italian prime movers (founded in 1980). On this LP they played melodic and commercial metal (later after changing line up, the sound became more powerful, a mix of Saxon, Priest and US Power). The file on Metal Archives is wrong, they rely on an EP (The Rain is Coming) in 1986 but actually it was only a demo tape and not a vinyl (a few years ago they released it on CDr).


-- Hard states of consciousness (1989, LP on Crime records)
-- Seismic Area (1991, mini LP + CD on Helter Skelter) Both vinyls are easy to find (10/20 euro).

Good crossover/thrash band from Napoli.


-- Ex Voto (1988, mini LP on Minotauro Records)
-- Requiem 1985-1988 (1989, only on MC, on Minotauro Records)
-- Via Crucis (1990, LP on Minotauro Records)
-- Live (1992, LP on Minotauro Records)
-- The story 1985/1992 (2010, double CD box set on Blood Rock records) Includes all Requiem's discography.


-- Hotzone (1985, mini LP on Minotauro Records). Quite easy to find, 20/30 euro.
-- Archives (2008, Markuee records, CD only). It contains the mini LP "Hotzone"and as bonus the 1987's second unreleased LP "Sweet Revenge".

Born as an epic metal band in 1981, later they changed sound playing melodic metal and recording this mini LP .

Rex Inferi

-- The damage has been done (1986, mini LP on LM records) Not so easy to find, 40/50 euro.
-- Like an Hurricane (2005, LP and CD on LM records/Andromeda Relix. Originally recorded in 1988/89 but unreleased at that time).

Rising Power

-- The rock is never ending (1989, LP on Gamma Records) Self reissued by the band in 2009 on CD.
-- Troppo Oro e Argento (1992, LP + CD on MMS, 300 copies made) Self reissued by the band on CD in 2009. Both albums are hard to find, 100 euro or more.
-- Live at the lake (2002, CD on MMS records) Self reissued by the band in 2009.

Melodic hard/metal band (for those who likes Rainbow, Bonnet/Turner era). You can buy the CDs at their website only:

Rock Train Band

-- Buon Compleanno/Sulla Strada (1982, 7" on Belgravia Records, the same label of Bloody Skizz, New Age etc) Very hard to find.

This band was founded in 1979 in Genova. Side A is an electric hard rock ballad, side B seems as it came out from NWOBHM's cauldron, in the middle of the 80's they changed line up and sound playing mainstream rock and they are still active!


-- When the roses knock at the door/When i Don't... (1992, 7" on Rockside records, private pressing) Almost impossible to find.

Good melodic band (for those who likes Icon and Dokken). This 7" was released posthumously after the death of their singer in a car accident.

Rod Sacred

-- same (1989, LP on Metalnews) This LP is hard to find (70/80 euro or more).
-- Sucker of Souls (1997, only on mc, on Supporto Italiano).

Good metal band from Sardegna,


-- Outlast the Game (1984, mini LP, private pressing) Quite hard to find, and one of the best records from Italy during the early 80's. Review
-- Dont' Push The Button (1986, double ep 12" on Contempo records). Here the band changed sound playing new wave/synth pop, avoid this shit like the plague!


-- Margini (1987, LP on Picchiamucca records, private pressing) Very hard to find, but it comes off for cheap at least until now (10/20 euro).

Obscure and mysterious band from Cuneo. Musically they played hard/metal with an alienating use of the keys and italian lyrics.

Rude Boys

-- I will let you go/Going Away (1987, 7" on Dischi Rockstar, private pressing) Very hard to find (80 euro or more). The band sold some copies during gigs, but dissatisfied of the crappy sound they stopped the selling (actually it's not so bad, musically side A is hard/boogie a là AC/DC, side B is an hard/blues ballad that reminds me of stuff like Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple).
-- We are rockin'you (1990, 4 tracks 12 "EP on Fireball mangement, the metal archives file is wrong, it reports only three tks). Sturdy hard/metal, quite hard to find, 40/50 euro.


-- Legs and Flags (1989, LP on RUDE, private pressing). Quite hard to find, this LP has an amazing cover made as a kind of old parchment with a wax seal, with the musicians dressed like US soldiers in the Civil War.

Musically it's a good album if you like hard/blues. For whose who likes early ZZ TOP, D.A.D. Gringos Locos etc.

Ruggeri Project

-- Mutant Kind (1989, LP and CD on LM records) Both LP and CD are easy to find at New LM Records, as much as other italian stuff:

Good melodic metal for this young guitar hero (he was nineteen at that time).

Run After To

-- Same (1988, mini LP on Minotauro record, 500 copies made) Quite hard to find.

Formed in 1983 in Pesaro (the same town of P. Chain, with whom they collaborated several times, he also produced this record). For those who love mystery and darkness in heavy music.


-- Stars Poked Away (1987, LP on Fantasy/D'Herin records) Not so hard to find (25/35 euro).

Good melodic metal band (for those who likes Quiet Riot and Scorpions).


1st TransEuro pressing-- Behind The Lines (1986, LP on Trans Euro records reissued in 1987 on LM records with different cover artwork)
-- Welcome/King of the dreams (1987, 12" ep split with P. Chain, on Minotauro Records)
-- Heroes of the grave/Warmachine (1987, 12" gravestone shaped vinyl, on Trans Euro records, 500 numbered copies made. Note that it also exists a limited 12" sleeveless heart shaped black vinyl version, only 25 copies made on Azra/Trans Euro)
-- Hoka Hey (1989, LP on Metal Master)
-- Rumore nel Vento (2009, LP on Jolly Roger records, originally recorded in 1984 but unreleased on vinyl at that time).

Classic HM/Power.


-- Black Screams (1991, 12" ep on Obscure Plasma)
-- Above the Light (1993, LP on Nosferatu records).



-- Main Frame Collapse (1989, LP on Crine Records) Very hard to find (50/60 euro). Reissued on CD in 2006 by Avantgarde records. F.O.A.D. Records announced a reissue by the end of 2010 on double gatefold lp.
-- Sound of Coming Darkness (1993, CD only, on A.V. Arts)
-- Cicatriz Bomb (2007, Scarlet records)

Ultra-fast crossover. A new CD is announced by the end of february 2010.


-- The darkness comes (1988, LP on Metal Master) Easy to find (15/25 euro).

Decent metal band from Milano.


-- When we are upset (1993, LP and MC on Riv records, private pressing) It's becoming hard to find, from 40 euro up.

Decent thrash metal band from Cremona (Max Pieri, the drummer, also played with Raw Power, the legendary italian hardcore band) In the middle of the 90's Sepolmia recycled as Sepultura's tribute band). Note that LP and MC have similar but different cover artwork (the cover on Metal Archives is taken from the mc, the LP cover has nine skulls).

Serena Rock Band

-- Same (1984, LP on City records) This LP is very hard to find, but sometimes you can find it for a reasonable price (from 40 euro up). Heart of Steel records has just announced the CD reissue in the next months.
-- Live at Banale (2007, CD only, on Club degli Artisti)
-- Rolling On The Road (2008, CD only, on Heart of steel records) originally recorded in 1991 and unreleased at that time. If you like Badlands, Bad Company, Free etc. etc.

One of the prime mover hard/metal band in Italy (and still active).


-- Severance/Umore (1988, 7" on Babakù, private pressing) Almost impossible to find.
-- Urla di Strada (1990, LP on Diva Records) Easier (from 30 euro up).

Great melodic metal band with very good production (with two former members of Dark Lord).

Shabby Trick

-- Bad Ass (1989, LP on Cult'n'Roses) Quite hard to find (30/40 euro up).
-- Piercinality (2000, CD only, on X-Plicit productions). it contains unreleased demos.

Good glam/street band from Firenze. The guitar player, Max Bronx, also played with Death SS and the singer Andy69 (real name Andrea Pieroni) has become the main organizer of metal concerts in Italy with his LIVE agency (Gods of Metal fest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy etc etc). The band has just reformed with only guitar and bass player from the original line up.


-- Tentazioni/Questa Donna (1988, 7" on CGD)
-- Notti di Fuoco (1988, LP on CGD) 15/25 euro if near mint or sealed.
-- Il mio Rock'n'Roll/Dimmi che ci stai (1989, 7" on CGD) All records quite easy to find (CGD was a Major).

Good melodic hard rock/metal band from Milano. A second LP, "Slow Song" was recorded in 1990 but never released on Vinyl or CD, only few advanced promo CDr copies circulated. It was more melodic than the first LP, in a very AOR vein.


-- Same (1990, LP on Carrefours Records, it includes a poster of the band) Quite hard to find, 70 euro or more.

Good power/prog metal band from Roma (later in the 90's they recorded three CDs).


-- Dirty Armada (1986, LP on CGD) Reissued on CD in 2006 by Mygraveyard prod. with bonus tks.
-- Pictures of War (1988, LP on CGD) Reissued on CD in 2006 by Mygraveyard prod. with bonus tks. LPs and CDs are easy to find.
-- The Magic Square (1995, CD only on Sudton Verlag)
-- LIVE! (1998, CD only on Sudton Verlag)
-- Flagellum Dei (2001, CD on Underground Symphony)
-- The Serial Healer (2008, Mygraveyard prod.)

One of the oldest italian metal bands (and still active, from the 90's on they published several CDs). Good melodic metal band from Bolzano.

A mighty fine single!/DaNSmash Hits

-- Hell In a Nightmare/I go down in the streets (1986, 7" on Celeste Records) Quite hard to find, 30/40 euro or more.

Formed in 1979 in San Donà di Piave (a small town near Venezia). A good melodic metal band in the vein of bands like Grand Prix, Stampede and Kooga.

Special Guitars

-- Big theme of rock (1989, LP on Black Rock Records) 3.000 copies were made, but because of distribution problems only a few hundred (no more than 200 or 300) have really circulated.

This band is nothing else but (the italian) Firehouse under a false name. This LP is an instrumental one but do not expect excessive guitar virtuosity, it's a good melodic album (side A is a mix of AOR and Pomp metal in the vein of Giuffria and Prophet, side B is more heavy and aggressive). If there had been a singer it would be a great LP (imo).


1st pressing-- Here we are (1981, LP on Peak records, with the subtitle of "Rock made in Italy") Reissued in 1985 with the title of "Burning Light", on Mausoleum Records in Holland and Camel records in Germany with a different cover artwork. The songs are the same but with a different tracking list. Reissued on CD by Aurophon in 1990 using original Here we are cover.

This was a german based bands formed by italian emigrants. The music suffered the heritage of the 70's (Purple, Uriah Heep etc.) but also had dark influences a là Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General. If anyone has some news about Aurophon and Camel pressings, please let me know.


-- Blade Runner/A quiet man (1984, 7" on Minotauro records) This 7" is very hard to find (40/50 euro or more). Minotauro/Markuee reissued it in 2008 on vinyl (it'is almost impossible to distinguish the original from the reissue, they are perfectly identical, of course the reissue looks "younger").
-- Heroes in the storm (2002, CD only on Andromeda Relix, it contains their 1984 7", demos and live tks).
-- Time and Eternity (2010, CD on Mygraveyard prod.) it contains unreleased material of the 80's rerecorded by the band in the last months.

Very good metal band from Verona, influenced by NWOBHM.


-- Same (1981, LP on Edi Pan Records) Very hard to find, 70/80 euro or more.

Roma based band. Musically the did not have a clear line - some tracks reminds of the Ac/Dc's hard/Boogie, a couple seems inspired by early Van Halen stuff and some others sounds like Rush/Saga.

Station Rail Road

-- Lochness/Evening Star (1981, 7" on Belgravia Records) Almost impossible to find, 80/100 euro.

Power trio from Varese (in the deep north of Italy). Side A is inspired by Thin Lizzy (the riff is irish/folk influenced, with a good guitar wall of sound). Side B is more Dark/NWOBHM influenced.

Steel Crown

-- Sunset Warriors (1987, LP on Discomagic records) Reissue CD from 2009 on Metal Master/Markuee. It contains the 1987's LP and the 1988's mini LP together on the same CD
-- Night Walk (1988, mini LP on Discomagic)
These are the only official works that the band has ever released. The CD Live in the Phantom city is a bootleg.

Formed in 1977 as Corona D'Acciaio (in english it exactly means Steel Crown). They are one of the oldest italian bands (and together with Strana Officina one of the few to never accept compromises and struggling for its integrity and purity often at their own expense, PROUD, HARD and PURE!!!). The singer Yako de Bonis, who died 24 june 1988 (btw all the dates reported on metal archives about this band are wrong) in a motorcycle accident, was one of the most important and charismatic guy in italian metal scene.


-- Uniti nell'abbraccio (1989, LP on Goddam Church records)
-- Nuova Sensazione Freak (1990, LP, private pressing)

Decent thrash/core metal bands from Ascoli (in the centre of Italy). The first LP is for those who likes Crucifix, Cro-Mags, D. R. I. and early Whiplash, the second LP has thrash metal and funky influences!

Stigma Rea

-- Forbice (1991, LP on Minotauro Records)

Produced by P. Chain, this band was not quite heavy metal, they were a deflected and metallized rock band. In 1992 they they shortened their name to Stigma and published a 12" EP entitled "Dalla camera/Uomo" (on Underground Italiano Produzione).

Still Blind

-- Same (1989, mini LP on Blindness records, private pressing, it includes a sticker)
-- Whales (1992, LP and CD on Blindness records, private pressing) Both LPs are not so hard to find (25/35 euro).

Good techno thrash trio (a mix of Voivod, Celtic Frost, Helmet and Motorhead...) from Bolzano, formed by the three Giovanett brothers.

Strana Officina

-- Same (1984, mini LP on Minotauro Records)
-- Ritual (1987, mini LP on LM records)
-- Rock'n'Roll Prisoner (1988, LP on Metal Master)
-- Rock'n'Roll Prisoner Tour 1989 (1989, official live VHS, on World Video Trading) this vhs is very hard to find (80 euro or more)
-- Una vita per il rock (1994, CD on Minotauro Records, it includes their two mini LPs and the full length of the 80's)
-- The Faith (2007, Mygraveyard prod.) It includes unreleased songs of the 80's and old stuff rerecorded with the new line up.
-- 1979/1989 La Storia (2008, 4 LP box set on Molten Metal Productions, 1400 copies made)
-- Rising to the call (2010, LP on Jolly Roger records, black vinyl 650 copies made, green vinyl 100 copies made. There is also a limited edition on green vinyl in a painted-wood box, with
photocard and wallnailed structure, only 50 copies made, it had to be ordered in advance, with autographs and personal dedication by all the band to the buyer.

A CD with new material and two unreleased songs of the 80's is expected by the end of march 2010.


-- Same (1981, LP on Skyzo/Fonit Cetra) Mygraveyard prod. will reissue it on CD with bonus material in the next months.
-- Short cut to hell/Go your way (1981, 7" on Skyzo/Fonit Cetra, these songs are included in the lp)

Good hard/metal band from Napoli, leaded by Ingrosso brothers. They recruited as session men two american musicians who were in the US army in NATO military base in Napoli (they label them off as americans to sell better...). The drummer (Jimmy Sharp) now has is own studio recording (batcave studios) in Southbridge, MA, USA.

Studio 4

- Lucy (LP, 1983 on New Polaris records) Very hard to find, 70 euro or more.

From Milano. It was a studio project only, with session men hired from a well known italian producer. It's a good melodic album with italian lyrics in the vein of Journey/Foreigner.


-- Big Strike (1992, King Steve records, CD only, very hard to find)

Band founded in 1988, for those who likes Krokus, Bonfire stuff.


-- The black opera (1985, mini LP on Moon record) Very hard to find, 50 euro or more. Heart of steel records will reissue it by the end of 2010 on CD with some bonus tks.
-- The reason why (1993, Gala records, CD only) Reissued in 2009 by Heart of steel records. Note that the reissue has as bonus a different version of the album. In fact in 1993 they rerecorded all the songs in a more melodic/aor way to find a better deal (and of course they didn't find it!!!)

Good melodic metal (not aor) band from Padova.

Steve Sylvester

-- Free Man (1993, LP, MC, CD Abraxas records)
-- Broken Soul (1994, on Flying records, mini-CD 4tks)
-- Love Has Torn Me Apart/The Shape Of Things To Come (1998, single on Lucifer Rising)
-- Mad Messiah (1998, LP, CD on Lucifer Rising)
-- Humanomalies (2002, CD, Lucifer Rising)

Death SS vocalist going solo.


-- Past and Future (2005, on Andromeda Relix) With old and new material.
-- Live (2007, on New LM records)
-- A wider space (2008, New LM records).

One of the oldest italian bands, born in 1979. They recorded several demos in the 80's but unfortunately never had a deal.

Tirrenia Rock Band (aka T.R.B.)

-- Love on the rocks (1991, LP on Albatros records) Very hard to find, 70/80 euro or more.

Good melodic metal band from Caserta (formed in 1985). Recorded two demos and in 1988 they recorded the song Baby Rose in the Hemingbrough castle studios for Ebony/Reaction Records compilation "Rock meets Metal (vol.3)". After a lot of gigs they recorded the album. But, as usual for most of the italian bands, they soon disappeared.

Tarkus Rock Band

-- Black dream/What an out of mind (1981, 7" on Saar records) Almost impossible to find!

Decent hard/metal band from Milano.

Marco's crazy, this is an awesome album!/DaNTegen Hart

-- Noise Underground (1990, LP on TH, private pressing) Quite hard to find (40/50 euro)

Another band from Milano, formed in the middle of the 80's. After 1988 "Fighting with the fate" demo they self produced an LP in 1990. Not well stylistically defined (their music has rock, prog, metal and dark/doom influences). For those who likes Adramelch, Warlord and Black Sabbath (but they were the poor relations! A crappy album, IMO!). Listen before you buy if you can, someone migth like it, someone not...


-- Same (1985, LP on Moon records) Becoming hard to find (30 euro or more).

Good melodic hard/aor band (for those who likes Triump, Toto and Foreigner) from Vicenza.


-- Rotten Power (1991, mini LP on Parsifal records) Quite hard to find, 40/50 euro or more.

Formed in Firenze in 1988, this band played a decent heavy metal. In 1993 they self produced a CD called Nagual (also on mc) and in 1999 they recorded a third full lenght, The Manitou Hill (CD, selfproduced). This band has just reformed.


-- Il regno del cinghiale (1991, LP on Skrotosound, private pressing) Quite hard to find (50 euro or more).

Good thrash metal band from Pisa. They recorded several demo tapes and CDs, this is their only vinyl. They have bloom and demented lyrics!

Tulsa Road

-- Give me all tonight/Promises (1991, 7" on Livorno Rock, private pressing) Almost impossible to find.

Good torrid hard/southern band from livorno (ZZ Top meets Molly Hatchet).

Unreal Terror

-- Heavy and Dangerous (1985, 4 tks EP, limited to 500 copies, on Bess records) Reissued in 2006 by Markuee/Minotauro, no bonus tks. Review
-- Hard Incursion (1986, LP on Action Label/Speed Records, 1500 copies made) Both hard to find.

On the EP Mario "The Black" DiDonato (later with Requiem, The Black) played lead guitar, then he left the band and was replaced on the second LP by Giuseppe Continenza (the Metal Archives file is wrong, it claims "The Black" played on both vinyls).

Unwelcome Voice

-- Kicking Ass (1989, mini LP on Video Star records) This LP is almost impossible to find (like all others Video Star releases, as Morgana and Crystal Phoenix).

Born as Bloody Axe in Genova in 1987, after a demo they changed monicker and won a battle of the band/contest (and i still wonder how!!!) signing a deal for this mini lp. One of the worst band ever come from Italy (imo). They played indecently and crappily thrash metal. Only for hardcore fans and completist of Italian Metal.

Upset Noise

-- Nothing more to be said (1987, LP on Hageland records, reissued in 1988 on T.V.O.R. On Vinyl records)
-- Growing Pain (1990, mini LP on T.V.O.R)
-- Come to Daddy (1993, LP and CD on GLC/EMI)

Born as an hardcore/punk band in Trieste (with a self produced split 7" called "Vi Odio" in 1984 together with Warfare, another italian punk band, and a second self produced 7" called "Disperazione Nevrotica" in 1985). Later with the first album they changed sound playing good thrash metal/crossover punk.


-- Peccatore/Sinergia del Male (1987, 7" on Dig It International, note that side b is instrumental) Very hard to find!

Decent melodic metal band from Milano formed in 1984 with former members from Bloody Skizzand Hocculta.


-- We want live... /Heavy Metal (1982, 7" on Mister/Durium)
-- Metal Rock (1982, LP on Durium)
-- A race with the devil (1983, LP on Durium)
-- Game Over (1984, LP on Durium)
-- Live On Streets Of Danger (1985, LP on Durium)
-- Born To Fight (1986, LP on Durium)
-- Corruption of Innocence (1987, MC and LP on Durium)
-- Seventh Heaven (1989, CD and LP on Green Line) The original on CD is very hard to find (collectors pay hundreds of euro for it) and it is the only legit issue on CD of all Vanadium discography, all the others reissues on CD are bootlegs, except for Nel Cuore Del Caos.
-- Nel Cuore del Caos (1995, MC and CD on N. A. R. records)


-- Same (1983, LP on Disco In/Durium) There are three different version, the artwork is the same but the colours are different. The last song is "Rainbow In The Night" and not "Rainbow In The Dark" as stated on Metal Archives. Quite hard to find (50/60 euro or more). Reissued on CD by Minotauro Records in 1995 with 3 bonus tks, and re-reissued in 2006 by Minotauro/Markuee.
-- Back From The Ruins (1988, MC and gatefold LP on Minotauro records) Easy to find, 10/15 euro. Reissued by Minotauro/Markuee in 2006 with 5 bonus live tks.
-- Against The sun (1994, Minotauro Records, CD only)
-- 1979/1980
(Jolly Roger records, 2010, on CD and limited edition on LP - 100 copies black vinyl and 100 purple vinyl) It includes early demos and live tks, all lyrics are in italian. If anyone, while listening "Lasciami Stare" will notice the similarities with Saxon's "Never Surrender" is good to know that Vanexa gave them a copy of the demo after a gig in Italy...

Verde Bianco Rosso (aka VBR)

-- Europa (1989, LP on Rebelles Europeens)
-- Bionda, Rossa e Nera/Fiera di te (1990, 7" on Rebelles Europeens)
-- Padroni del Mondo (1991, LP on Rebelles Europeens).

They took their name from the colours of the italian flag, Green, White and Red and were a fascist/OI! band. Formed in Aosta in 1986 (from the ashes of a Punk/OI! band) VBR soon recorded a first demo (Padroni della Città, 7 tracks, 1986) and two years later a live demo (Adunata!, 5 tracks, 1988) and also a demo compilation called 1986/1988 (1988. 11 tracks) and so they signed a deal with the french label Rebelles Europeens (a label specialized in OI!/Metal and fascist/racists bands). They also recorded four tracks for the compilation "Debout Vol. 2" (1988, Rebelles Europeens) and three tracks for "Debout Vol. 5 (1992, Rebelles Europeens). From 1989 on they also attended to several tape and vinyl compilation and split up at the end of 1992. All VBR's discography is very hard (or almost) impossible to find, rumors says that the band is searching a label to reissue the old stuff, you can listen VBR on the tube or on


-- Her Night/Smile (198? release date is uncertain, the band split at the beginning of 1984. Lucky Studio records, private pressing) Impossible to find.

Mysterious young quartet from Lecco (they had a mean age of 15 years, on the horrible cover the members were wearing sweaters and blouses) with a melodic approach to HM (a Scorpions wannabe band...). Only for ultra hardcore fanatics and completists of Italian Metal, this was a crappy band with crappy sound and production...


-- The black radio (1986, mini LP on Warhead, private pressing) Quite easy to find, 15/20 euro.
-- X-mas bop (1987, 7" red vinyl only, 500 copies made, featuring P. Chain, on Warhead Records, private pressing) Hard to find, 25/35 euro.
-- One More Time In Jail (1989, 7" on Warhead/Mosca records, private pressing)

Good thrashcore band from Terni. After splitting up in 1990, the band reformed in 1993 and recorded two CDs in 1998 and 2007 (they are still active) in a stoner/doom mood.

White Collars

-- La solitudine (1991, LP, private pressing) This LP is almost impossible to find (no one here in Italy heard of this band before i found the LP)

This band came from Avellino (near Napoli). The 8 songs were recorded in two different sessions (in 1988 and in 1990). Musically oriented towards AOR Hard/Melodic (for whose who likes Giuffria, Prophet etc.) Very good sound and recordings but thumbs down for the vocals that reminds me of Robert Smith/Cure and dark/new wave. Lyrics are in italian with the exceptions of a couple of songs on side b where the choruses are in english.


-- 1902 (1990, mini LP on Video Star) Almost impossible to find (as all the Video Star releases!)

Strange quartet from Napoli. Imagine a crappy early version of Rhapsody/Sonata Artica (many years before...) with lyrics partly in italian and partly in napolitan dialect. Recording is very bad, with keys that overlook the guitar.

Witch Hunters (not to be confused with Witchunters, another italian band)

-- Cry for the moon (1991, LP on WH, private pressing, 300 copies made) Very hard to find, 150 euro or more.

Formed in Pavia in 1988. They were a keyboard oriented band, with also some dark and nwobhm influences (for those who likes Omega, Saracen and White Spirit).


Although they never released a vinyl, this band deserves to be included here as one of the prime mover band in Italy. Formed in 1982 from the ashes of Randoms, another metal band, in Spilamberto, near Modena, they never split up and are still active! They recorded three demos (1986, 1987 and 1988), contributed to two compilations with two songs (with "Possessed" in Italian rock invasion vol. 1 in 1987 and with "Deadly news" on Surgery of The Power in 1989). Two promo CDs in 1993 and 1999 were also recorded. In 1994 WH recorded an official CD (..And It's stormnig Outside, on Underground Symphony, it was the first release for this label!). A second CD called Different Universe was recorded in 1997 (but never realised on CD/LP for the failure of the label). Musically they used to play epic metal with some prog influences. Later, from the second unreleased CD and after some changes in the line up, they played Hard/Aor rock.


-- Livin' in a cage (1989, LP on LM records) Not so hard to find (20/40 euro).

Formed in Sottomarina (near Venezia) as Black Burn in 1984 this first incarnation of the band recorded three demos (in 1984, 1985 and 1987) and a track (Free Existentialism) for the compilation Heavy RendezVous (1988, on LM records). Then they changed name to avoid confusion with another band and recorded this LP. Good heavy/speed metal.


-- The red flame of pain (1990, LP on Veronica Label, private pressing, just reissued on CD by Jolly Roger records) The vinyl is becoming hard to find (40/50 euro or more).
-- Back to the ancient rage (2002, Unisound records, CD only) It includes two demos of the 80's (this release was sold as an attachment of the "True Metal " fanzine).

Good power/speed metal band from Parma.


-- The syre of wyxmer (1991, mini LP on HD records, 1.000 coies on crystal clear vinyl made, but only few hundreds actually circulated) Quite hard to find (80/90 euro or more)
-- Feudal Throne (2005, LP and CD on Black Widow records, this release contains 6 newly recorded tracks plus new versions of the 4 tracks from the long out-of-print EP).

It also exists an ultra rare dvd video, it's a semi-official live bootleg of the reunion show made in Brendola (near Vicenza) in the first of october 2005 during the 2nd Italian Metal Attack (featuring also Skanners, Adramelch, Swords, Synthesis, Dark Ages, X-Hero and Old Flame = nothing else but 3/5 of Bloody Skizz and of course played the old stuff).


-- Steal my mind/Song for a dreamer (1983, 7" on Umbert records, private pressing, 1.000 copies made) Quite hard to find (30/40 euro).

Formed in 1982 in Villa Potenza (near Macerata). A good example of melodic/prog, hard rock/metal, the style is refined and never boring (for those who likes Rush of the 80's). After the split 2/4 of the band formed Era (look above).


-- Brainstorm (as Axe-Hero in 1986, mini LP, bootleg, private pressing) This vinyl issue was made without band's authorization in Yugoslavia. 300 copies made, almost impossible to find, it contains 5 tracks taken from the very first demo of the band.
-- same (1988, LP, CD and MC on Fly by Night Records) also very hard to find in all the formats (150 euro or more for the LP). Reissued in 2007 by Heart of Steel records with six bonus tks and one video.

Formed in 1981 as Axe Hero by Galliazzo Brothers and still active. After a first period (1981/1986) spent playing heavy/epic metal the band changed sound toward melodic/Hard/Aor sound. The singer Mirko "The Fox" Galliazzo is one of the largest italian collector of HM (italian and foreign metal). By the end of 2010 Heart Of Steel Records will release a CD including a never released album (1990 circa).


-- Ydra 1 (1990, LP on New Sanremo Hits) Almost impossible to find.

Good prog/metal band from Siracusa. From the ashes of this band will arise Fiaba (medieval/prog/metal band, another italian cult!)


-- The Last Dawn (2008, New LM records/Andromeda Relix) Includes demos from the middle of the 80's and the never released album The Last Dawn (1988 circa).

Zephyr was the project of Alessandro Zazzeri (aka Zephyr, he was also the singer of Rex Inferi on some tks of "Like an Hurricane"). This album has different styles inside because it includes songs from early 80's til 1988/89. The songs reflect the changes in taste, style and line up (Zephyr was the only stable element of the band). The earliest songs have epic flavour (with roots in the late hard rock of the 70's, early HM of 80's), there are also songs in the vein of early Def Leppard, and some tks are Hard Rock/Fm rock (some tks have a lightly sprinkle of keys, some other not).


-- Et in arcadia ego (2004, CD on Black Widow records) Contains material taken from their demos (some songs recorded live in the studio).

Good doom metal band from Genova.

(In release order, roughly...)

-- Gathered (1982, LP on Electric Eye, reissued on CD in 2007 on Spittle records)

NOT Metal! Punk/new wave oriented, but includes the first official recording ever by Death SS. 1000 copies made, not so easy to find on LP. Beware of bootleg version made in 2002!!!! It's impossible to recognize from the original, but it is usually sold still sealed and it comes for cheap, max 15/20 euro. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- St. Anthony's Fire (1983, LP on Grillo Rekord)

Not only metal, also punk/new wave, very hard to find, 50 euro or more.
All the bands included in this LP were from Padova. Swords recorded two full lenght album later in the 80's and 90's. Alwerman played classical hm and Strido played glam metal. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Heavy Metal Eruption (1983, LP with gatefold sleeve on Metal Eye) 1000 copies made, quite hard to find (80/100 euro or more).

Note that the labels Electric Eye and Metal Eye were both offshoots of the italian magazine "Rockerilla"). It was the first italian compilation totally dedicated to HM. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Italian Metal Vol. 1 (1985, LP on Flying records) Quite easy to find (30/40 euro max).

This compilation was promoted by "Transex" - at that time it was a well known hm records and clothing store in Milano, now closed. (It was near the cathedral of Milano"Duomo"). It included only bands from the Milano area (with the exception of Steel Crown, they were from Trieste)

Note that Spotlight consisted of formers members of early Vanadium and New Age, the female singers (Rossella Tacco) also sang choruses with Vanadium during the "Seventh Heaven" tour, (btw, good blood not mind - Giulia, her 19 year old daughter plays drums in Rougenoire, an all female metal band...) More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Heavy Metal made in Italy (1985, LP on Shirak records)

This is one of the rarest italian metal compilation (also due to poor promotion) and it paid particular attention to bands from Torino (with the exceptions of Shining Blade and Gunfire. From the ashes of Black Evil (a good power metal demo recorded in 1987, "Gravy Lust", for those who likes Hexx and SA Slayer) will rise Creepin' Death (a thrash metal band with an album recorded in 1988). Black Deal have a tragic history behind and a CD published posthumously a few months ago (see above). More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Metallo Italia (1985, LP on Reflex records, gatefold sleeve). Not so hard to find (30/40 euro max). It was also released an official VHS, recorded in playback at "The Piper", a roman historic nightclub. This vhs is almost impossible to find today.

T. I. R. (their name stands for "Total Inferno Rock") were from Roma (formed in 1980) and recorded (but not released ) a 4 tracks ep in 1984. With ups and downs, breakups and reunions they are still active. From the end of the 80's they are devoted to Priest sound with italian lyrics (TIR myspace). More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Metal Attack (1987, LP on Talent/RCA) Not so hard to find (30/40 euro max).

This is a an abnormal compilation. Promoted and produced by Richard Benson, an anglo/italian guitar player/teacher, he was also a metal dj/vj in several radio and tv in Roma during the 80's. In the 70's he played guitar in an italian Hard/prog band called "Buon Vecchio Charlie". The various line up were assembled for this occasion as backing bands for the guitar players who were all Benson's students (the best known was Max "jena" Smeraldi, an EP with Alter Ego in 1985 and several others project in hm, rock, prog and fusion and still active). More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Metalmaniac
(1987, LP on Durium) Not so hard to find (30/40 euro max).

Produced by Mimmo Prantera (Vanadium's bass player). More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Lethal Noise (1988, LP on Amtal Blade records) Easy to find (10/20 euro max.)

More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Rock bands senza guinzaglio (1988, LP on King Steve records) Almost impossible to find.

(King Steve records was an italian rip-off label. They never promoted their rock/metal bands and sometimes they did the bands pay for recording lp or appearing in compilations, stealing money and never accomplish anything! This compilation is Hard rock/melodic metal and Aor oriented, Almost all the bands are/were totally unknown with the exceptions of Shabby Trick that later recorded an album and Laysan, a good melodic metal band with a couple of demos) Never saw/heard other stuff from them!

Side A:

1) Res Majes -- the girl and my life -- hard/melodic -- decent
2) Laysan -- the dust of time -- class/melodic metal -- very good
3) Estrofitto -- questa notte (italian lyrics) -- aor deluxe -- very good
4) Shygun -- Dangerous Nigth -- Street/Glam - decent
5) Prince od Diequirie -- perle (italian lyrics) -- aor/funk -- very good
6) The Old Flight - the frail cloud -- hard/prog -- decent

Side B:

7) Progress - Naufrago - class/prog -- very good (italian lyrics, it seems an outtake from Rush's Power Windows!)
8) Mediorente - everything is all right --- hard/street metal-- decent
9) Megahertz -- strade (italian lyrics) -- class/melodic metal -- good
10) Tiper -- Heavy Pink -- street metal -- decent
11) Ricci -- Quanta strada (italian lyrics) -- aor/class -- good
12) Shabby Trick -- Yellow Shadows -- glam metal-- good
13) Canelogue -- Night of Fire -- Hard/street metal -- decent

-- Not just spaghetti and mandolini (1988, LP on Amtal Blade records) Quite easy to find (15/30 euro max)

Note that both Skull and Whitefire recorded a full lenght album (Skull in 1986 and Whitefire in 1989) but they were never released - Skull because of a fraud suffered by a label and Whitefire because of the label failure. CDr copies circulate among collectors. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Heavy Rendez Vous (1988, MC and LP on LM records) Not so hard to find (25 to 40 euro max if sealed)

More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Four Kinds Of Metal (1989, LP on Minotauro records) Not so hard to find (40/50 euro).

Musically oriented towards hard/melodic metal. Purple Angels were devoted to Deep Purple/Rainbow sound.
Dragon Rouge (heavily influenced by Van Halen and Magnum) recorded a first demo tape in 1986 (and not an EP as stated on Metal Archives) and a second demo in 1989 (with also live tracks). Dreams of Glory played traditional hm (influenced by Iron Maiden) and Allied Forces played melodic metal (for those who likes Dokken, Elektradrive etc.) Note that all the bands involved in this compilation came from the same city, Torino. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Surgery of Power (1989, LP on Fireball/LM records) Not so hard to find(20/35 euro).

Promoted by Antonio Ferro (the largest collector of italian studio and live demos, and a metal dj) and his Fireball management, this compilation is oriented to melodic metal. Note that Canada (prog/aor oriented band) just released (2010) a CD on Andromeda Relix. It includes early demos and songs from their 1988's unreleased 12" EP ,you can listen them on More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- 0721 Manicomio (1989, LP on Manicomio, private pressing) Quite hard to find.

Not metal, a weird compilation. 0721 is the phone code number of Pesaro, hometown of P.Chain and of most of the bands involved. Note that Midway was a side project of Alberto Simonini (Crying Steel's guitar player) and Red Crotalo (Revenge's guitar player). They recorded a master published only many years later... More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Italian Rock Invasion (1989, LP on Dischi Noi)

It was a mixed compilation, not only metal. The appearance on this vinyl was the prize for the bands that won a contest/battle of the bands. This LP was officially presented with a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London where the winning bands played live together. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Metal Master Compilation (1990, MC, LP and Picture Disc on Metal Master) Not so hard to find.

Compilation with italian and polish bands. No exclusive recordings - all tracks are taken from full-lenght albums of the bands.

Side A:

Pic-LP version1) Death SS - Kings Of Evil
2) Bulldozer - Ilona The Very Best
3) Sabotage - Hoka Key
4) Deathrage - Hard Times Are Coming
5) Turbo - Salvator Mundi
6) Astharoth - Gloomy Experiments
7) Necrodeath & Schizo - Necroschizophrenia
8) Nuclear Simphony - Lustful For Disaster

Side B:
1) Royal Air Force - Leading The Riot
2) Strana Officina - King Trolls
3) Drama - The Magic Box
4) Nadaj - Hey Jo
5) Hocculta - Along The River Of Memories
6) Dragon - The Priest Of Betray
7) Alastor - The Time Of Judgements

Note that the presence of Polish groups is due to the friendship that bound AC Wild (Bulldozer's bass player/singer,at that time he was also the A&R guy of Metal Master) to the guy/agency who organized concert for Bulldozer in Poland (and now known as Metal Mind Productions). That's why there are some Polish bands with some Metal Master releases.

-- Nightpieces (1990, LP on Dracma records) Not so hard to find(15/30 euro max).

It was the first release ever for this label. Note that all the bands came from Torino and neighborhood. More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

-- Cherish Project (1991, LP on Metal Gold)

This obscure compilation is oriented to hard rock/glam and aor. All the bands were from Torino and surroundings. Even if little known it is not so hard to find (from 25 to 40 euro). More details at The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

For even more obscure Italian comps, click -->here<-- for the complete list of Italian compilations currently featured in The Corroseum's Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

Researched, written & compiled by Marconi Gulino. Layout & editing by DaN Edman.
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