What it says. Almost. 172 Metal and Hard Rock singles from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, The Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia presented with pictures, release info and short reviews. Don't miss out on the awesome sampler!

Your ultimate guide to all them rare Swedish Metal 7"s you never knew you needed. Time to update that wantlist.

The Corroseum teaches geography! The fanciest part of our links-section is this interactive world map that aims to not only be the best but also most functional and user-friendly collection of links to country/region-specific Heavy Metal Trivia sites.

Complete scans of 80's Heavy Metal fanzines in all shapes, sizes and languages are presented here, downloadable in pdf-format for your reading pleasure. Hopefully this feature will grow in the future..

Here's that missing insert you've been looking for..

A guide to Albanian Metal (including Kosovo and Macedonia) and its roots, researched & written by forum member jnfernal.

An article and index over the most infamous and mind-boggling label in Metal history. A must-read for all self-proclaimed know-it-alls of 80's underground Metal.

A most comprehensive guide to old Italian Hard Rock & Heavy Metal vinyls and CDs, brought to you by Marco "Nonseinormale" Gulino.

Since no one else has bothered with cataloguing the culty Rockmapa 7"-series of former Czechoslovakia, The Corroseum steps up!

Here's where to get a pretty good idea of my Metal preferences. 100 of the most important Metal-releases ever in my book. Everybody loves reading other people's favelists, right? Well, go on then!

My old article/list of Swedish local compilations with assorted Metallic content, now slowly getting obsolete and overlapped by The Great Olde Metal Compilation Encyclopedia.

A mirror/copy of my very first attempt at a Metal-oriented site, DaN'sUndergroundMetalSiteThing. Under the banner "Old-school html" I started making a very rudimentary trading/review-site that actually stayed online until a few years ago, but stopped being updated long before that. It's chock-full of errors, inconsistencies and embarrasments, but I've left it completely unedited for archeologic/scientific reasons.
Somewhere inside are a few links to this other SEVERELY off-topic music site I worked on for months but which for some reason never got launched. It's an even bigger mess of unfinished reviews and musical flummery, but I'm quite pleased with some of the writing so I thought it would be fun to upload it as well.
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