25 fanzine(s) found featuring laaz rockit:

Barst #6 (1985)

Blackthorn #4 (1986)

Braindamage (Belgium) #2 (1986)

Epitaph #9 (1989)

Escape #4 (1985)

Heavy Rock #2 (1987)

Kick Ass #23 (1984)

Metallised #4 (1986)

Metallised #5 (1986)

Metallo #? (1984)

Metal Madness #3 (1984)

Metal Madness #12 (1988)

Metal Mania #8 (1982)

Metal Mania #10 (1983)

Metal News #1 (1985)

Metal Warriors #6 (1988)

Metal Warriors #7 (1990)

Metal Warriors Magazine (Belgium) #2 (1987)

Powerline #3 (1987)

Rock Brigade #17 (1985)

Rock Hard USA #8 (1986)

Sledgehammer #14 (1984)

Steel Shock #7 (1985)

Streetfighter #2 (1986)

Streetfighter #4 (?) (1986)

Text-in-image translation tools:

Just dying to read that interview/review/bit of trivia of band X, but the language of the zine is unfamiliar? Do not despair - there are a number of tools out there that can help! I haven't delved too deep into this tech yet, but one really simple and easy-to-use tool I've found is Yandex Translate. Just right-click and save the hi-res picture of the page you want to read, drag it into the center of the page, chose the from/to languages and then highligt the text for an instant translation, or click "Open in Yandex Translate (...usually resulting in the same garbled mess as you get from Google Translate, but it's better than nothing.)

Some recommended links to pages & blogs with similar content:

France Metal Museum's "Revues & Fanzines"-dept. is the single largest Metal mag/fanzine-archive on the web - almost 500 featured publications! Most of it written in french though, but how can you not be impressed by the massive work behind this section?

Amongst tons of writings on all things Death Metal and plenty things Heavy Metal in general, this very olde site hosts the 2nd largest fanzine resource on the net, the Underground Metal Zine Archive (UMZA) with over 300 publications featured. Just a simple text directory tree, but there's lots to read and not all featured zines are pure Death. Don't miss the Kerrang!-folder, featuring the 50 first issues from the years 1981-1983 - a fantastic discovery for NWOBHM-connoisseurs!

Subtitled "Metal History Through Fanzines" this blog has pretty much the same ambitions as this part of The Corroseum (and it's definitely been an inspiration) albeit a bit more focused on the NWODM scene. Killer work! For downloadable pdf's, click the Fanzine PDF Downloads in the upper right corner, otherwise you can scan the zines page by page after selecting them in the Select Cathegory-dropdown menu.

A site that is what it's called and being really good at it at that - how rare! Check out the ZINES dept. for a small but hopefully growing section of Irish zine scans.

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If you own any old Metal zines, know how to use a scanner and think you have the time to contribute, please get in contact (forum thread or e-mail). IMPORTANT: Do NOT start scanning until we've been in contact and I've sent some instructions.

...and finally the issue of ©opyrights:

It's often very difficult to track down the original editors and/or legal owners of these publications, but if YOU happen to be that person and don't want your work archived in this manner, just send me an e-mail with your concerns and all hi-res images will be removed.