Zhelezny Marsh I LP 1992
Label: Moroz Records #: Country: Russia
Info: Russian title: "Железный Марш - 1"
Compilation of bands tied to Moroz Records and the KTP production company. No other volumes were produced (at least on vinyl).
The title translates to "Iron March" and it comes in a gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHAH - Eliminate
  Russia's answer to Kreator does as Russia's answer to Kreator is and does it well.
2. KORROZIA METALLA - Kill To Sunarefa
  Very fast Thrash-ripper bordering on Speedcore. Kinda cool but I liked their old classic SpeedThrash sound better...
3. KORROZIA METALLA - Broken Angel
  Even faster, reaching grind-territory but with a nice & weird chorus. Later featured on amongst others the "1.966" album, though I'm not sure if it's the same version or not.
4. ZHELEZNY POTOK - Rozhdenny Umeret'
  Good, tight Thrash with mean, crazy vocals. Russia delivers.
5. GRAVESIDE - Darkness Light
  Pure MORBID ANGEL worship but with more guttural vox. Sounds good for what it is though I'm not quite the right person to judge. Appears as bonus track on the CD version of their "Sinful Accession" album.

Side B:
1. CROWNEAR - Mixed Blood
  Superb, energy-packed Thrash with strange but compelling breaks and all sorts of catchy things & stuff. Beats anything from their "Full Moon Fever" mixed affair of an album imo.
2. TRASHMACHINE - Radioactive Contamination
  A tad too 90's/"modern"-sounding Thrash but far from the worst in this genre. +1 for the evil weirdo vox.
3. D.I.V. - Proklyaty Mir
  Unfortunately not a cover of the classic (?) KONSUL track, this is a semi-ballad done the Thrash/Metallica way and actually not half-bad.
  A change for more upbeat PowerThrash here. Sort of sing-a-long and catchy in a punk way on the bridge and chorus. Cool surprise for a future mix-tape!
5. KRUGER - Gnoiny Rodnik
  Raw & mean Deathrash though still quite technical. Good Russki dirt.
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