WRNO FM 100: The Rock Album, Vol. II LP 1982
Label: Starstream #: RTR-8243 Country: USA
Info: Compiled by New Orleans, LA radio station WRNO as part of the Miller High Life Rock To Riches competition.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WRNO THEME - Rock To The Rock
  Unlike most radio station themes that are mere sound bites, this clichéd rock anthem drags on for a full 3 minutes.
2. TOPCATS - Friends Money And Love
3. MELANGE - Lonely Tonight
  Melodic hard rock/AOR.
4. QUICK ZIPPER - Batters Box
  Funky southern rock.
5. PERSIA - Don't Let Your Dreams
  Excellent NWOAHM that sounds like Dianno era IRON MAIDEN. Formerly known as ROYAL ORLEANS.

Side B:
1. STRAIT FACE - Good Guys
  NEIL YOUNG inspired rock.
2. THE MODELS - Child Star
  Diverse powerpop.
3. THE LIMIT - Modern Girl
  Hard rock with a large dose of punk/powerpop, or is it the other way around?
4. PENNY LANE - I Know It Isn't Easy
  Sixties style beat rock.
5. THE REBELS - Hit The Road
  Eccentric yet heavy 70s rock.
6. CHROME - It Was You
  Good song with a fair bit of pomp, especially in the Dennis DeYoung inspired vocals, though melodic metal does seem to be what they were going for.
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