Winnipeg Homegrown Volume I LP 1981
Label: 92 CITI FM #: ST0092-1 Country: Canada
Info: Local artist compilation sponsored by Canadian radio station 92 CITI FM. As usual a bunch of crappy rock bands get 2 tracks each, while the excellent NITRO only gets one.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. EXIT - Heaven's Hell
  Heavy pomp rock, not unlike STYX.
2. THE FREEZE - He's A Mover
  Boring rock ballad.
3. ANTARES - Love Like Poison
  Groovy yet awkward hard rock.
4. WOODWORK - She's A Rock And Roller
  Upbeat pop/rock.
5. DASH AND THE DOTS - No Sad Refrain
  Indie rock.

Side B:
1. THE FREEZE - She's Not For Me
  Generic rock with annoying keyboards.
2. NITRO - Homicidal Maniac
  Great pounding metal with a killer guitar solo.
3. EXIT - Save Your Love
  Bluesy AOR.
4. ANTARES - Sands Of Time
  Much less awkward but still no better.
5. WOODWORK - Too Many Ladies
  Pretty good powerpop. I enjoy the bass on both WOODWORK songs.
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