Wild Rags Records Limited Edition 2x12" EP 1990
Label: Wild Rags #: WRR 000 Country: USA
Info: Ah, Wild Rags... so many releases, so little quality-control. This mainly crossover-infested oddity comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes two 2-sided inserts. At least 2 vinyl color editions exist: the more common transparent blue version and a more scarce green-marble+blue-marble version.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BLOODCUM - Symptom
  "..Of The Universe" to be precise. This tune always made for a great Thrash cover if you ask me.
2. BLOODCUM - Confused But Thinkin
  Pissed & dirty fast Thrash like Slayer meets Nuclear Assault.
3. BLOODCUM - The World In Which We Live
  Straight up fast HC like early D.R.I.

Side B:
1. NOT-US - Maggie
  Ramones-style punk rock.
2. NOT-US - Second Childhood
  Classic USHC with grind-breaks.
3. NOT-UT - Dinner In A Glass
  Ultra-speed stuff like a more HC Wehrmacht.
4. NOT-US - Froggy
  Silly monologue/spoken word.

Side C:
  More ultra-speed but leaning slightly more towards the Thrash-end of the Crossover-stick. Crazy screamer-vocals a la Cryptic Slaughter.
2. INFAMOUS SINPHONY - [instrumental]
  Unlisted instrumental sprinkled with blasts of grind.
  Almost pure techno/Bay-Area Thrash here.
4. INFAMOUS SINPHONY - Atheist Society
  Multi-layered Thrash with plenty of tempo-changes but with little identity.

Side D:
1. OUTCASTS - Super Cop
  The doomy/groovy lead riff intermingled with the ultra-fast Thrash parts reminds me of Post Mortem - and from me that's a compliment.
2. OUTCASTS - School Sucks
  Generic start/stop HC.
3. OUTCASTS - Happy Fucks
  As above.

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