Whiplash Attack Vol.I LP 1990
Label: Whiplash Records #: WR-001 Country: Brazil
Info: The first release of the label. All bands were from the north-east part of Brazil. Not as DeathBlackMetallic as many other underground releases at the time. Includes an insert w/ lyrics, bandpics etc..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CROSKILL - Echoes Of Reality
  Intricate, Epic Power Metal not too dissimilar to Adramelch. Unfortunately w/ even thinner production than "Irae Melanox".
2. CROSKILL - Pointed Past
  Great songs though, possibly topping their later LP.
3. HAMMERON - Chernobyl
  Fast & brutal Thrash a la Kreator, Merciless etc..
4. HAMMERON - Human Image
  More of that proto-Death/Thrashing rage. For the die-hard fans of the genre I guess.

Side B:
1. AUSCHWITZ - Days Of Death
  "Beneath.."-era Sepultura-style. A bit more interesting on the riffing-front than Hammeron.
2. AUSCHWITZ - Alcoholic Despair
  Riffing now reaching excellence! If only the production hadn't been so pissing weak...
3. AUSCHWITZ - Suicide Obrigation [sic]
  Despite the corny name they really were a great Thrash act. Not too original though.
4. DEADLY FATE - Beyond The Sea Across The World
  Melodic Power Metal. Superb guitar harmonies - subpar vocals.
5. DEADLY FATE - Black Helmet
  More great music ruined by shitty production. And no "Spaceballs"-references :(
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