WCMF 96.5: Homegrown 5 LP 1985
Label: Starstream #: SSTS-004 Country: USA
Info: Local artist compilation from Rochester, NY radio station WCMF.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. JON PAUL AGE AND SECTION 8 - Another Place Another Time
  Flashy AOR.
2. MAJESTICS - Can't You See
  Prog rock with a reggae beat and occasional hard rock elements.
3. ZONE OF PICKS - Don't Throw It Away
4. NO CAMOUFLAGE - On Your Way
  Progressive rock.
5. DRAMA - Stop And Go

Side B:
1. BABES IN BOYLAND - Rock N Roll Fantasy
2. RESURRECTION - Goin' Home
  Soft rock (not to be confused with RESURRECTION ROCK AND ROLL BAND who were also from Rochester and appeared on Dynamic Artists Rock Vol. I).
3. TEEZER - Gotta Get Away
  Braindead hard rock.
4. ICE WATER MANSION - Rockin' Thru The 80's
  Glam, regardless of what metal-archives.com says.
5. BLACK DRAGON - Paralized
  Slighty sleazy but not commercial heavy metal, sort of like SEDUCE.
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