WBAB: Homegrown '84 LP 1983
Label: WBAB Broken Records #: PRI 288 Country: USA
Info: Third album in the Homegrown series from the New York radio station. Also available as a "special advanced pressing" (1023 copies) that comes on red vinyl in a plain black cover with red text. The regular issue seen here comes with a two-sided inner sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DC STAR - Is It You?
  Enjoyable upbeat hard rock from their debut EP. Something of a local radio hit, this song also appeared on the WPDH: Rock 'N' Roll Album and WAPP New York Rocks 1983 compilations.
2. MAZARIN - I Can't Deny
3. SORETHUMB - Give Me Your Heart
  Pomp rock.
5. YOUNG BREED - When Will I See You Again?
  Pomp rock ballad.

Side B:
1. VIXEN - Contact 1-2-3
  New wave.
2. BABY - Why I Can't Have You
3. CINTRON - Burning For Your Touch
  Decent hard rock with a distinct 70s feel, like a heavier version of FREE or MOLLY HATCHET.
4. LONG BEACH LONG ISLAND - Nuclear Reactions
  I feel certain this is a parody of a popular song but can't put my finger on it. Regadless it is a well done song in the style of LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM that addresses the issues of a proposed nuclear power plant on Long Island.
5. BROKEN ARROW - Tell-Tale Heart
  Soft melodic rock.
6. R-BEST - Danger In The Street
  Pop AOR.
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