Warriors LP 1982
Label: Azra #: DTR-042 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of Southern California bands, available on orange vinyl or as a picture disc.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE ACT - What You're Doin To Me
  Alternative rock.
2. SINBAD - One Thing
  Bland southern rock.
  New wave with occasional touches of heavy prog.
4. ZAK DANIELS - Getting Ready For The Kill
  "Tough guy" rock.
5. DIETRICH - Red Alert
  Has one heavy riff that it would've been nice to hear more of, but otherwise it's more hard rock than metal. Same as the 10" version.

Side B:
1. WHITE BEACH - You Can Do Me Anytime
  Nice female fronted melodic rock that keeps promising to get heavy but sadly never delivers. Also released as a 7" single.
2. MAKER - Is That What You Want
  Bluesy hard rock with a dark post-punk attitude.
3. THE POPPET - 10 O'Clock News
4. HAVEN DOWNS - Napoleon (Live And Learn)
  Glammy AOR.
5. SPACECOACH - Touch The Sky
  Melodic rock with a bit of southern flavor.
6. ODESSA - Death And Taxes
  Awful "working man" metal that is stuck in the 70s.
  Keir: DaN: - Rarity:  
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