Warfare Noise II LP 1988
Label: Cogumelo Produções #: COG 012 Country: Brazil
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Side A:
1. WITCHHAMMER - Weekend In Auschwitz
  Solid post-R.I.B. Fast/slow/fast brutal Thrash without much extravagances.
2. WITCHHAMMER - Degradation Process (R.A.D.)
  Faster'n'darker like a more wild "Persecution.."/"Agent Orange"-era Sodom.
3. MAYHEM - Brain Mutilation (War/Death)
  More Death Metal than Thrash in these guys' coffin for sure, much thanx to the growling vox. Pretty classy for being DM '88.
4. MAYHEM - Insane Minds
  Crude stomp-stomp-stomp beginnings turn into more of that solid DM'88 thing. These guys became THE MIST 1 year later.

Side B:
1. MEGATHRASH - Desire By Kill
  US-style middle-of-the-road Thrash Metal with none of the DM influences of the 2 previous acts.
  A bit more midpaced. Reminds me a lot of Flotsam & Jetsam so obviously the better of the 2 songs.
3. AAMONHAMMER - The Decapitator
  The most primitive of the featured bands and unsurprisingly my faves. Luw that weird buzzing guitar sound, especially on the Hellhammer-worshipping doomy beginning.
  Same thing really, a twisted doomy 1st part collapses into yummy BlackSpeedNoise. Is Nuclear War Now Records informed?
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