Warfare Noise LP 1986
Label: Cogumelo Produções #: COG003 Country: Brazil
Info: Without a doubt one of the most ahead-of-its-time albums in Hard Rock history. Reissued on CD in 2007 together with The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo compilation and probably a few times again after that....

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHAKAL - Cursed Cross
  Back from when they sounded like old chaos-Sepultura rather than later Slayer-Sepultura, Chakal were quite bril!
2. CHAKAL - Mr. Jesus Christ
  ...though extremity aside they're probably the most anonymous act on board.
3. MUTILATOR - Believers Of Hell
  Tighter (..or less untight) than Chakal without loosing any intensity, Mutilator are my 2nd faves on this album after you-know-who.
4. MUTILATOR - Nuclear Holocaust
  A tad more wild and hc-flavoured than on their LP, here they produce sick Deathrash mayhem of the finest caliber.

Side B:
1. SARCÓFAGO - Recrucify
  Så kan det gå, snickarjävel...
2. SARCÓFAGO - The Black Vomit
  Torrential rifforgasm! One of those unique moments in rock history of which you can point at and say "This is truly extreme". The greatest Black Metal song of all time.
3. SARCÓFAGO - Sathanas
  Continued Sodom-on-industrial-strength-speed godliness ...And a bit more bite to this than the LP version if I may say so. All these tracks have later appeared as bonus tracks on several "I.N.R.I." reissues and boots.
4. HOLOCAUSTO -Destruição Nuclear
  What Sarcófago does with satanic evil, Holocausto does with filth and insanity. Total hate!
5. HOLOCAUSTO - Escarro Napalm
  Yeah, extreme Metal used to be cool, but those days are long gone now I'm afraid...
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