War Declared CD 1990
Label: World Metal #: WMR 010 Country: USA
Info: Basically the equivalent of Iron Tyrants IV, with a return to the focus on US bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. BLACKKOUT - Ignorance Of Man
  Progressively inclined power/thrash with some great riffs. Both of these tracks are taken from their 1989 Ignorance Of Man tape-only release which was recently reissued on CD.
2. BLACKKOUT - 0-Factor
  Similar style but the flutes and multiple vocalists make me think of HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE. An excellent song, and far more professional than their track on Tampa Bay's Metal Mercenaries.
3. MARK BLAKEMORE - Screamin' Dogs
  Hard rock with a country influence (not to be confused with southern rock).
4. MARK BLAKEMORE - Gridlock
  More country, less rock.
5. RENA CARE' - The Beniker Gang/Government Man
  Speed metal with vocals that sound a bit like an over-the-top Geddy Lee.
6. RENA CARE' - Give Me No More Trouble
  Adding to the genre confusion is this track scraps all power and aggression in favor of an early 90s hard rock/hair metal style.
7. VALHALLA - Hard Lovin' Woman
  Proof that epic hard rock can suck. After almost 4 minutes of slide guitar hell, the song finally picks up about half way through with a bit of JUDAS PRIEST influence but not enough to make up for the start. This VALHALLA is from Kennewick, WA and as far as I know never released anything else.
8. LAISSEZ FAIRE - Lost Horizon
  Mainly speed metal in the vein of SANCTUARY or ATTACKER but there are also more progressive elements such as the half-whispered vocals and occasional keyboards. Overall very interesting but amateur stuff.
9. LAISSEZ FAIRE - Solutions
  This track is more melodic, coming across like an unrefined CRIMSON GLORY.
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