Vykort Från Malmö LP 1980
Label: Amalthea #: AM 15 Country: Sweden
Info: The title translates to "Postcard From Malmö", and is - you guessed it - a compilation of rock bands from this very town.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HEMLIGA 7:AN - Ny Version
  Ska punk/wave a la Specials or Madness.
2. MONTEZUMA - Maggie
  A pretty cool tune with some heavy guitars that's somewhat ruined by zany keyboard sound effects.
3. INGENTING - Allvar
  Semi-heavy 70's style rock
4. FAX - Svärdet
  Minimal zynth.

Side B:
1. PEST - Redan När Jag Vaknar
  Reggae/ska rock.
2. RICKIE ROCK - Internsång
  Country-rock ballad.
3. ZANE - Malmö City
  Raw, concrete-crushing suburban Hard Rock with punky lyrics from the same band who did the great Step Aside/Damage 7" in 1976. Unfortunately not as Black Sabbath-meets-Hawkwind'ly heavy & original as before.
4. KALEBASS - Overcoat
  Fusion/jazz rock.
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