Voices Of A Red God LP 1990
Label: Saturn Records #: SAT 00011 Country: USA
Info: A dozen underground Thrash acts from Texas compiled on red vinyl. The cassette version includes 2 bonus tracks:

A7. CRAWLSPACE - Rise Against ...technothrash with a raw Cryptic Slaughter-streak.
B7. BASILISK - Wasted Life ...bloody insane and absolutely riveting mix of Atlanta-INCUBUS and AGENT STEEL (!?). Best song on comp is not on comp :(

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DEAD HORSE - French Fry
  A 40 second fun/funk-core joke. They could do a lot better. Later featured as bonus track on the '92 CD version of their '89 album debut.
2. SOCIAL DECEIT - Camps Of Death
  Multi-parted Thrash swinging between mediocre moms-garage-'tallica Thrash and some pretty cool & inspiring moments. -1 for Hetfield Jr. on vox.
3. SUFFERANCE - Welcome To Your End
  Pretty ace ultra-speed aggression like Sadus, Papsmear etc..
4. ACADEMY BLACK - Seven Views
  Original & psychedelic Thrash/crossover that's difficult to pin down. Very likeable though.
5. SOILENT GREEN - Spirit Of The Earth
  Death Metal with occational grind parts like a more technical Repulsion. Nice!
6. PENDULUM - Atrocity Sin
  Musically great, technical & clever Thrash let down by tinny rehearsal room production and weird yelping vocals.

Side B:
1. THE MORBID - Blinding The Eye
  Almost closing in on the infamous "modern" style of Thrash appearing in the early 90's, though this is a truly great heavy thrash-tune. Post-MORBID SCREAM
2. LUNACY - Everything, Everyone, Everybody
  Lame basement crossover.
3. ACRIDITY - Whisper Of Reality
  Melodic, technical & 'smart' Thrash like Obliveon or the later material by Death Angel or Anacrusis.
4. DARK REIGN - Cynical Minds
  Nice & cozy garage-Morbid Angel that should appeal to all NWODM-archeologists and enthusiasts.
5. SQUADRON - Civil Slaughter
  Quite raw start/stop stuff, technical but not really "technical" if you get what I mean..
  Thump-thump-thump amateur-thrash that doesn't sound much like Slayer at all.
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