V Kraju Durakov [a.k.a.] Tyazhely Den / Pascal Mulot / Abscent LP 1992
Label: Ладъ #: LD–237021 Country: Russia
Info: Title in russian: "В Краю Дураков" ...which really only seem to be the title of the Тяжелый День-side, hence the title-confusion above. I'm sorry to say I have no clue how the hell the other 2 French bands ended up there. Worth noting is that the track list of the B side is incorrect on both the back sleeve and the labels - this should be the correct one below.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TYAZHELY DEN - Ja Obrashhajus' K Vetru [Я Обращаюсь К Ветру]
  Not quite as heavy as before, this is an excellent, catchy and memorable (unlike most of their earlier material) piece of melodic Metal, like a more lightweight Aria at their best.
2. TYAZHELY DEN - Dal' Velikaja [Даль Великая]
  Probably the greatest Russian semi-ballad ever written. A complete anthem of goosebumps-inducing might!
3. TYAZHELY DEN - V Kraju Durakov [В Краю Дураков]
  Strike three for total melo-Metal bliss, though this is more of a jumpy, fistbanging Hard Rock hit.
4. TYAZHELY DEN - Nebo Dlja Vseh [Небо Для Всех]
  A decent enough but significantly less conspicious commercial hardrocker.
5. TYAZHELY DEN - Golos Leta [Голос Лета]
  Aerosmith-style, sleazoid HR.

Side B:
1. ABSCENT - Run [the writing credits on the sleeve and labels list the band as "ABSYNTHE"]
  Mainstream HR.
2. ABSCENT - Feel Your Body
  Sleazier, but at least it comes with a pretty rockin' chorus.
3. ABSCENT - Let Me Down
  Icky J*vi-style ballad.
4. PASCAL MULOT - American Youth
  An instrumental project based around the bass player with the same name. Decent HR/HM instrumental with an interesting folksy piece in the middle.
5. PASCAL MULOT - Drive By
  Despite the fast double bass drum parts this one doesn't really pass the Metal-test due to the lack of heavy guitars. A pretty cool & atmospheric piece still.
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