Vicious Vinyl DLP 1987
Label: Concept Records #: CC0067 Country: Australia
Info: Concept Records was a K-Tel-style Australian budget label specializing in mainstream Hit-compilations during the 80's. 3 of their releases focused on 'Metal' (i.e. mostly commecial hard rock) but they at least had the decency to plug a couple of local acts on each release. On this their final 'Heavy' comp, all of side D is dedicated to the Australian Metal, HR and punk (!) scenes. Gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. W.A.S.P. - I Don't Need No Doctor
  If you ask me, WASP was always great at picking & performing cover tunes.
2. LOUDNESS - Black Star Oblivion
  The better, fast HM/Power side of the band.
3. CINDERELLA - Shake Me
  The AC/DC of hair bands. Not the worst in the genre..
4. GIRLSCHOOL - Let's Go Crazy
  Surprisingly enjoyable, glammy party-rock with a heavy The Sweet-bias.
5. QUIET RIOT - The Wild And The Young
  Well of course it's catchy, but in that insipid, saccarine 80's way.
6. UFO - Meanstreets
  Mainstream hr.
7. URIAH HEEP - Bad Blood
  As above.
8. JUDAS PRIEST - Turbo Lover
  Not quite as above, this is as good as 'Mainstream Metal' could possibly get.

Side B:
1. BEASTIE BOYS - Fight For Your Right
2. JASON & THE SCORCHERS - 19th Nervous Breakdown
  Melodic hr with a touch of Ramones.
3. THE DIVINYLS - Guillotine Day
  Wave'y mainstream 80's rock.
4. HANOVER FIST - Metal Of The Night
  The title would imply a parody, but it's just another mediocre HR/'radio-metal' number.
5. MOTÖRHEAD - Killed By Death
  Best Song On Comp!
6. QUEENSRYCHE - Walk In The Shadows
  As far as mid-80's 'sell-out' albums go, "Rage For Order" was one of the better ones imho.
7. CONEY HATCH - Wrong Side Of Town
  Sleazy hr.
8. KROKUS - Lay Me Down (live)
  Forgettable hr.

Side C:
1. AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch
  Perhaps AC/DC's most underrated album, but not so much thanx to the title track.
2. BLUE OYSTER CULT - Beat 'em Up
  Leave it to BÖC to invent original mainstream HR. Nice one.
3. POISON - Talk Dirty To Me
  Even within their own appaling genre these guys were complete garbage.
4. THE FIRM - Fortune Hunter
  Tedious classic rock.
  100% type-A Yngwie, i.e. good, neo-classical melodic Metal.
6. WARLOCK - Lady In A Rock'n'Roll Hell
  One of their more average HR tunes.
7. HEAVEN - Burn
  One of the better radio-HR tunes on the album. Australia delivers.
8. STRYPER - Rockin' The World
  Happy Jesus-rock with an undeservingly heavy guitar sound.

Side D:
1. MORTAL SIN - Liar
  The Aussie Metallica. Sounds like the same recording as on the debut LP, but a different mix.
2. RED ALERT - Red Alert
  Even with the British-punk/wave vocals this galloping piece sound a whole lot more Metal than most contenders here. Previously featured on the Thunda From Downunda compilation LP from 1986.
3. THE HARD-ONS - All Set To Go
4. STOKER - Tear Up The Town
  Rough party-rock.
  Another familiar from the Thunda..-comp, this is good'n'solid, pounding Metalrock with female vocals.
6. SPUNK BUBBLES - Metal Wench
  Sloppy but enjoyable punk/Metal-spoof sounding quite alot like Motörhead.
7. TITAN - Blackmail
  And so finally the money-shot: One of Australia's best kept secrets offers a very Priest-sounding puncher, better than their 7" but not quite on par with their early demos. The 2 songs off their crazy rare 7" was incidently included on the label's 2 previous 'Metal' volumes, "Metal Madness" from '85 and "Headbanger's Heaven" from '86.
8. BLACK ALICE - Man Of Metal
  One of their best songs, sounding like a mix of Accept and Demon.
  Hard Rock with a weak, poppy mix.

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