Venerock LP 1982
Label: Sono-Rodven #: 014 Country: Venezuela
Info: 11 bands out of the Venezuelan rock underground, most of who didn't advance further than this obscure comp.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. OCEANIA - Pesadilla Infernal
  Good melodic hard rock/late-70s'-style aor with keyboards.
2. ARMADURA - Por Tu Vida Lucharás
  Amateurish and poorly mixed prog rock - uptempo and quite cool still.
3. PODIUM - Isla De La Guerra
  Prog of a higher Yes/Genesis/Gentle Giant-tier than those above.
4. AMETHYS - Tu Tipo De Mujer
  Really nice Heavy Prog like Resistencia meets King Crimson meets The Sweet perhaps?
5. DR JEKYLL - Atila
  Hell yeah! Pure FWOVHM like a 50/50 mix of our ol' faves ARKANGEL and RESISTENCIA. A bit rough around the edges but tempo + riffing is high class.

Side B:
1. ENIGMA - La Carrera Del Viajero
  Plodding, amateur-hour hard rock. Cute at best.
2. SECUENCIA - Reina Gitana
  Atmospheric heavy-prog that could possibly the 'token slow song' of a heavier act. Reminds me a bit of UK Omega's The Prophet. Let's call it a proto-HM ballad just for fun..
3. EXPRESIÓN - Señal de Caída
  Now this definitely falls into that sloppy but charming proto-HM slot. +1 for some galloping riffs and Resistencia-like passages.
4. DEMIÁN - Terrorista
  Mellow rock.
5. EPSILÓN - Días
  Some RAW guitars followed by really zany keyboards opens this otherwise average prog/psych rock piece.
6. ANTARES - Genio de la Lámpara
  A bit more high-brow & atmospheric prog here.
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