Musikfest Med Sångare & Musiker I Väsby /
LP 1979
Label: Upplands Väsby Kommun #: - Country: Sweden
Info: Probably the most un-Metal album ever appearing on a Metal-oriented website. Or, hm.. maybe not, but this is a VERY only-in-Sweden quaint affair. Recorded live at the Vidalunda School on september 21, 1978 and released by the local culture council of Upplands Väsby it presents the widest possible range of musical activity from the town in question - anything from choir music to rock'n'pop. And the vinyl debut of Sweden's 2nd most famous 'guitar hero',

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VÄSBY MUSIKSÄLLSKAP - Potpurri ur Fridas Visor
2. VÄSBY BLÅSKVINTETT - Tema ur Swansea Town
3. VÄSBY BRASS - Vi Tror Ej På Stora Ord
  Sloppy brass music.
4. HAMMARBYKÖREN - Deo Dicamus Gratias
  Choir music.
5. SING-SING - Bourée
  Choir music. (No relation to the Hungarian Sleaze band with the same name)
6. VILUNDASKOLANS KÖR - Sunrise, Sunset
  Choir music.
7. VÄSBYKÖREN - Här Ska Ni Se En Livad Figur
  Choir/folk music.
8. EDSKÖREN - Och Jungfrun Hon Går...
  Choir music.
  Choir music.
10. EDSKÖREN - Cantique de Jean Racine
  Choir music.

Side B:
1. VÄSBY SPELMANSGILLE - Gånglåt Efter Boll-Olle
  Traditional, instrumental folk music.
2. NILS NORDSTRÖM & HÅKAN ANDERSSON - Polkett Efter Gustaf I Gropen
  Traditional, instrumental folk music.
3. TORD & JAN ÅKERLUND - Kringpolska Efter Lång-Ante
  Traditional, instrumental folk music.
4. BO & LARS MOSSBERG - Song Is Ended
6. VINDEN VÄNDER - Profiternas Profeter
  So called 'progg' - i.e. Swedish leftist pop/rock and not 'Progressive Rock'.
7. LUNDWALL-MÅRD DUO - Ostentativ Oktogen
  Modern jazz.
8. LORRAINE - Dust My Blues
  Traditional R'n'R.
9. WC - In My Head
  Rough'n'Heavy Hard Rock with raw guitars almost completely drowning out the early-teen vocals. Very amateurish but definitely a precursor to the NWOHM rather than a pure 70's sound. Guitarist John Norum would later waste his talent on overrated melo-HM & aor.
10. ERA - Nödutgång
  Instrumental prog/jazz rock.
11. ACRI - Tallah
  Soft psych/prog instrumental.

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