U-Tracks LP 1979
Label: EW #: 1179 E.W. I 2000 Country: Holland
Info: From the same town as the world's largest record fair comes this gatefolded local effort, produced by the music café Eigen Wijs. Includes 2-sided insert.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. L.S.B. - Ain't Life A Drag
  Dull plain-jane rock.
2. EXIT - Red Arrows
  Instrumental prog/jazz/fusion.
3. HEROEZ - Rock And Roll Heroe
  Raw Hard Rock with a notable punk influence and I think the vocalist is looking to emanate Lemmy so yes, also Motörhead.
4. THE HANDYCAPS - Telephone Therapy
  Laid-back classic rock.
5. SKINZZY - Flash In The Night
  Solid early Heavy Metal like Scorpions meet Riot, gazing into the near future. Good twin lead soloing,
6. ROODVONK - Italiaanse Zon
  Jazz rock.

Side B:
1. HEADLIGHT - Light Of Fire
2. B. BAYER BAND - Freedom Of Action
  Did he just rhyme 'action' with 'erection'?? Reminds me of an old Hawkwind tune I've forgotten the title of. It's one of those really heavy, Sabbath'y ones.
3. BLUES EXCUSE - Looking Back
4. THE LULLABIES - Holocaust
  Underdistorted, kinda lo-fi punk rock.
5. ZOOI '79 - You Are The Music, We Are The Band
  Classic rock.
6. ULLYSSUS - Electro Freaks
  Instrumental prog.
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