U.S. Metal Vol. IV LP 1984
Label: Shrapnel #: SH1013 Country: USA
Info: Last of the series, and probably the next best after Volume 2, though there is still too much emphasis on stupid guitar tricks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KEEL - Speed Demon
  Good song from back when Ron still had some real metal in him. Pretty much the same as the Lay Down The Law version, except for about 30 more seconds of guitar soloing at the end.
2. SCANNER - Dark Sun
  Excellent melodic power metal.
3. ST. MICHAEL - The Beauty, The Power
  Killer song with a catchy chorus made even better by the classy Halford-esque vocals of Jeff Martin (SURGICAL STEEL, RACER X).
4. VICIOUS RUMORS - One Way Ticket
  Decent metal but with too many American hard rock-isms, particularly in the chorus.
5. WILD DOGS - Burning Rain
  Straightforward but enjoyable NWOAHM.

Side B:
1. TKO - End Of The Line
  Hard rock/heavy metal that is both sleazy and thrashy. Appears to be the same as the album version but with a shorter intro.
2. SHAWN LANE - Stratosphere II (Guitar Solo)
  Formerly a touring guitarist with BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, this was his first released recording (so why is it called Stratosphere II?)
3. AGGRESSOR - Predator
  The singer is like a higher pitched Nasty Ronnie, and overall this sounds like a reject from an early Metal Massacre LP.
4. GUILT - Down To The City
  L.A. metal, a bit like very early RATT. Guitarist Danny Gill later joined HERICANE ALICE and on vocals we find none other than Chuck Billy, later in TESTAMENT.
  Guitar-centered instrumental with a distorted voice-over. Josh Ramos and Derek Frigo both played guitar in LeMans.
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