U.S. Metal Vol. II LP 1982
Label: Shrapnel Records #: 1002 Country: USA
Info: A heavier, great shaping-up from the so-so first volume.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WILD DOGS - The Tonight Show
  Pretty asskickin' Metalrock. Pefect album (and gig) opener.
2. CINEMA - Rockin' In The U.S.
  Similar to the previous track. Sounds like its title, i.e. good rockin' NWOAHM.
3. EXCITER - World War III
  One of the heaviest band on the album but they still sound quite 'olde' and laid back compared to their later stuff. In the best of ways of course.
4. CULPRIT - Players
  Superb Epic/Heavy Metal craftmanship that truly justifies their cult status. Riffing & vocals of the sort that came to define US Metal.
5. LEMANS - Waiting
  Heavier and more metallic than their later stuff but still with a Hard Rock core.

Side B:
1. THE RODS - Wings Of Fire
  Pure, scorching NWOanywhereHM from their finest period. And incidently faster than the Exciter track. Later featured as bonus on the CD reissue of the s/t album.
2. MIKE BATIO - The Haunted House
  Guitar solo.
3. VIXEN - Angels From The Dust
  Outstanding, clever & groundbreaking US Metal w/ fem vox. Originally recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman's first band Deuce. This version was later featured on Vixen's "The Works" CD released in 2003, while the Deuce original can be found on their retrospect s/t LP on OPM Records from 1997.
4. VIRGIN STEELE - Children Of The Storm
  Outstanding, clever & groundbreaking US Metal w/ male vox. Different mix and shorter than the debut LP version.
5. FAILSAFE - Just Passin' Thru
  More ancient NWOAHM class of timeless quality, despite the Van Haleny chorus.
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