Urval LP 1990
Label: Whale Records #: WHALP 9 Country: Sweden
Info: Whale Records was a dubious Swedish budget label similar to Pang Records who likewise released a number of homespun compilations in the 80's. Only 2 of these had anything resembling Metal on them.
The title translates as "Selection" but is also a play with words and could be read as "Primordial Whale" (A progressive Metal band just waiting to be formed?)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LANDSPLÅGARNA - Att Vara Militär
  Novelty music.
2. APGNÄGG - Boxern
  Novelty music.
3. JOKER - Something To Believe In
  Commercial/'hair' Hard Rock rock with occationally out-of-tune vocals.
4. JOHN DOE - Game Over
  Rock occationally bordering on HR/aor.
5. JOHN DOE - Roliga Ord
6. HOPE AND FALL - Allright
7. CRUSDOWN STATES - Right Here I Am Just Waitin'

Side B:
1. SYNLIGA - Blind
  Rock/pop group comprised entirely of blind members who also had a number of albums out on the Whale Records label. File under 'Real-people music'.
2. ROGER JERVENHEIM - Vad Folk Vill Ha
  Novelty music.
3. CROSSFIRE - Evil Eyes
  Possitively brilliant melodic Metal falling somewhere between Silver Mountain and late 80's Maiden.
4. STEN TYRFORS - Ikväll Är Det Bara Fantasin Som Sätter Gränser
5. APGNÄGG - Apan, Ugglan Och Boxern
  Novelty music.
  Pop balld.
7. ULF NORDQUIST - Se Din Bild
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