Unity Gain DLP 1982
Label: The Recording Workshop #: 212033/34 Country: USA
Info: The Recording Workshop is a school near Columbus, OH for audio production professionals. As part of the Advanced Workshop, students would mix songs recorded at The Recording Workshop by local artists which were then released on compilations such as this one. (See also "The Recording Workshop" LP '82).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CITADEL - Many Struggles
  Same band that recorded under the name GARY WHITMAN on the Q-FM-96 Hometown Album, but with a better vocalist. The RUSH influence is still there, but this track is much softer.
2. CITADEL - Lost Kid
  Seventies style heavy rock with a folky aspect that brings to mind NWOBHM bands such as NO QUARTER or GOLGOTHA.
3. CITADEL - Freedom Song
  Keyboard-laden instrumental.
4. MODERN MORALS - Buckaroo's Pipe Dream
  Progressive rock like ZEBRA crossed with PINK FLOYD.

Side B:
  This one is a more energetic pomp rock number.
2. WALT COOK - Out Of Sight/Out Of Mind
3. WALT COOK - Same Old Song And Dance
4. PARADOX - Sometimes
  Mainstream rock and roll with a bit of country.

Side C:
1. BARRY LEDERER - Don't Give It Up
  Pop country.
2. BARRY LEDERER - Let Me Be The One
  Less pop, more rock.
  Emotional alternative rock.
4. BILL PRICE - Come On In

Side D:
1. NATASHA - Talk Is Cheap/Sex Is Dirty
  New wave.
2. NATASHA - Take A Chance
  New wave.
3. TRAILER 15 - Massieville Blues
  Blues rock.
4. JIM ROSEBROOK - Harder (To Jodi)
  New wavey AOR.

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