United Bands Of Europe LP 1990
Label: Musea #: EX 2002 Country: France
Info: A collection of bands from France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, ment to "..display one side of the European Hard'n Heavy Rock" according to the back sleeve notes. Bleh..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. OUTSIDER - Time To Turn
  Bland mainstream Hard Rock.
2. ROCK ROYCE - Some Time With You
  Melodic Hard Rock/aor.
3. NO NAME - Midnight On Dynamite
  "aor on speed" that sort of pushes them in a melodic Metal-direction, similar to Scandinavian acts like TNT, later Pretty Maids etc.
4. RASH PANZER - C'est Le Vie
  Driving party-HR with both a boogie-edge as well as some minute moments of heavier guitars. Not sure if it's the same version as on their 1988 LP or not. Probably.

Side B:
1. GENOCIDE - Rotten To The Bone
  Solid, pumpin' Heavy Metal with wailing vox in the classic Accept/Priest tradition. Probably the same version as on their "Roots In Rock" MLP from the same year, though I'm not 100% sure.
2. THALIA - Violent World
  A rather intricate semi-ballad with more of a slick/proggy US Metal touch than your average Euro hair-act.
3. BOOZERS - Face The Day
  Fast, energy-fueled Metal with rumbling twin bass-drums, a bit like Malice with a Motörhead'y edge. Best song on comp.
4. KILLIUM - Gimmie Some Money
  Rough "street metal" like a down'n'dirty M Crüe.
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