Unidos Por El Rock Vol. 1 LP 1983
Label: Victoria #: VLP-29 Country: Spain
Info: Though the design makes you think of a typical major label Rock-Sampler cash-in affair, this is actually a really intriguing piece of NWOSHM trivia with mostly obscure one-off acts. If not a Spanish "Metal For Muthas" then at least their "Scene Of The Crime" or "It's Unheard Of!". No further volumes were produced.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SOBREDOSIS - Aliate
  Top-notch, pounding NWOHM with a sing-a-long chorus a la Grim Reaper.
2. BROKA - Tu No Eres El Mejor
  Groovy and shamelessly catchy Hard Rock that's hard to pin down.
3. BABEL - Con El Poder De Mi Latigo
  Fast, ancient 'nwobhm' excellence sounding like it's coming straight off the Roksnax comp. Those Black Widow-sounding flutes adds further coolness.
4. MALENA & BELCEBU - Destruccion
  Oh there's a Spanish Wendy O. Williams as well?! Who would've guessed, eh? Then suddenly from out of nowhere comes this almost Slayer'ish evil & chugging riff making things even more interesting...
5. DAMMA - Viajero Del Tiempo
  Fantastic epic prog-HR reminding of stuff like early Electradrive or the good parts of early Magnum.

Side B:
1. MALENA & BELCEBU - Hola Hermano
  Not as interesting as their A-side offering, this is classic R'n'R in a raw Hard Rock-framing.
2. BABEL - Nuestro Tren
  Great BÖC-sounding Hard Rock('n'roll) with wiggly keys..
3. DAMMA - El Principe
  Cool, catchy & pompy Hard Rock/prog like a heavy Meat Loaf or even heavier Genesis.
  Excellent 'nwobhm' riding down the same mountainside as Clooven Hoof and Tyrant. Both their contributions are earlier, different recordings than on their debut LP.
5. BROKA - Musica En Vivo
  Boring ZZ Top-sounding hard blues/boogie rock.
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