Underground Metal LP 1988
Label: Regency Records #: 790-082-1988 Country: USA
Info: Demo recordings from bands all over the USA chosen by various Xian Metal zines and then compiled by the label. And some Swedish dude.
You get a feeling the songs and artists were chosen by way of evangelist fervor first, musicianship second and songwriting skill a long distant third. Printed inner sleeve with lyrics and bios.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  I guess the "Highway To Hell" riff-off is a funny move, but the rest of the song is pretty basic melo-HR like Björn's regular band LEVITICUS.
2. ARMADA - But It's Only Rock And Roll
  Fast US Steel reminding me of Obsession. Nothing too special but way over par by Regency's standards.
  Melodic, sturdy HR like Icon or Autograph.
4. PARADOX - Ruler
  High vocals, rather heavy guitars but unfortunately one interesting chorus short of 'Good' streetsy US Metal/HR like Lizzy Borden, Halloween, Leather Nunn etc..
5. TORN FLESH - No Surfin' In Hell
  Jeezus-fucking-CHRIST!! This makes their infamous LP sound like Watchtower by comparison! Completely mindnumbing chaotic noise that's supposed to be some sort of Thrash/crossover I believe. Ironically the most interesting tune on the album since it's at least a very funny sort of Bad.

Side B:
1. WATCHMEN - Fear No Evil
  Pounding, melodic Dio-Metal heavy on the keys.
2. CHARIOT - Step Into The Light
  Quite energetic and NWOBHM-sounding, while also reminding me of Aussies LightForce.
3. PARAGON - Why Are There So Many Sinners
  It's because it starts off so awesome that the awful, poppy chorus and bridge becomes so unforgivingly annoying. Pity the waste of a potential epic :(
4. MERCY RULE - Cities Are Burning
  I haven't heard their LP, but you kind of expect the few familiar band names on a comp like this to rise above the rest. Not so, since the completely tuneless vocals ruins what could at least have been an average US Metal filler.
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