Ultra Metal LP 1990
Label: Monitor #: 01-0007-1331 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: With the tag-line "Thrash/Death/Black Metal sampler" you'd think this one would fall outside the Corroseum-parameters, but like with the comparable Death Metal Session comp the majority of the featured bands are more late-80's-tinged than part of the NewWaveOfDeathMetal-thing, so here you go... Includes insert w/ lyrics. (Two more volumes were produced)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DEBUSTROL - Antikrist
  Fast, primitive & brutal Thrash bordering both on Death Metal and HC (like early ONSLAUGHT on Czech 'roids perhaps?)
2. DEBUSTROL - Protest
  More of the same. The hysteric vocals on the chorus warms my ol' punk heart :)
3. KABÁT - Za Trest
  Good, edgy & technical Thrash more than a little similar to Coroner.
4. KABÁT - Má Jí Motorovou
  A bit more mainstream mosh-thrash here, with a 'humorous' break bearing tidings of worse things to come..
5. MORIORR - Termonukleárni Jatka
  Doomy/fast Death Metal, but with a very dry non-DM-sounding production. Bits of Morbid Angel meets the trademark Czech BlackThrash sound.
6. MORIORR - Vendeta
  A quirky & progressive piece of Death/Thrash. Reminds me of HELLWITCH right up until the atmospheric ROOT-style ending

Side B:
1. MASTER'S HAMMER - Zapálili Jsme Onen Svět
  Perhaps the greatest tune ever from these timeless Gods of Dark & Majestic Metal. The one "proto-BM" band I'd dare to recommend to even the most conservative Classic HM-fan. Different to both album- and demo-versions.
2. MASTER'S HAMMER - Géniové...
  Epic Metal riffing & harmonies as proud as proud can be! Almost brings a tear to my eye.. Different to both album- and demo-versions.
3. FERAT - Warning You
  Mixes very 'tallicaesque riffing & breaks with some faster Kreator-style bits.
4. FERAT - There's Only A Little Time
  A fast thrasher with lots of punch + some neat ATHEIST-like breaks. Nice!
5. V.A.R. - Proti Vizím
  Utra-fast Thrash that perhaps would classify as Death Metal if it weren't for some really out-there breaks. Really cool and original stuff!
6. V.A.R. - Poslední Sen
  Not quite as fast here but with lots of light & shade. Another tip of the hat to ATHEIST methinks.
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