UK Thrash Assault LP 1989
Label: CMFT Productions #: CMFT 1 Country: England
Info: Another late 80's UK Thrash sampler - there were a few. Some copies came with a small promo poster.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HYDRA VEIN - Rather Death Than False Of Faith
  Somewhere inbetween (and about a head short of) Sabbat and Deathwish = Type A UK Thrash.
2. SNYPER - Sacred Blade
  Oh how love thee, ye olde Gods of UK PowerFilthThrashin' Speed!
3. WARDANCE - Officially Pronounced Dead
  Youthful & catchy Speed Metal with a hint of Civilized Society?-style UK crossover.
4. LLAMENDOS RIIL - Snow White And The Seven Mad Axemen
  What could have been a quite cool Sacrilege/C.Frost-mix is ruined by trademark UK Virus-sloppiness. Worst band on comp.
5. PENDEMIA - Malignant Decay
  Here is where it all starts to blurr together... Meaning, there's little identity to these guys' riff-thrash.

Side B:
1. WARDANCE - Against The Grain
  Agent Steel-goes-garage-days-revisited.
2. PENDEMIA - The Drowning
  Bit of Vio-Lence in these limey Thrashers methinks'...
3. LLAMENDOS RIIL - Tales From Toyland
  A blubbering mid-pace thrash-joke demeaning to both Razor and Motörhead.
4. HYDRA VEIN - Crucifier
  The hightest %age of Slayer-worship so far. Heard worse.
5. SNYPER - Deathrite At Sunset
  Crude yet bloody brilliant axewielding Speed Metal! Like a more epic Venom that could only have come out of the UK. Also featured on the A Taste Of Armageddon comp from the same year..
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