TV Melody '87 LP 1988
Label: Balkanton #: BTA 12245 Country: Bulgaria
Info: "At least one exclusive recording" has been our #1 rule of thumb for inclusion in this project, but what about half a recording? For my fellow Bulgarian Metal completists and fans of Corny Albums With Unlikely Metal Content, the answer is "Yeah, what the heck.."
This Bulgarian series presented 1½-2 minute samples of songs featured in the country's largest televised music contest, with yearly editions being released between 1968-1988. The '88 edition featured another IMPULSE cut taken straight off their LP, otherwise this should be the only on-topic volume in the series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHANCE - The Telophone Is Joking
  Radio-friendly hardish rock.
2. Vesselin Marinov - A Man's Song
3. Sreburni Zvezdi - To Be Young
4. Georgi Hristov - Black And White
5. FERROTON - Workdays
  Pompy pop-rock.
6. Rossitsa Kirilova - Barefoot On The Asphalt
7. Roxana Beleva - Between Today And Yesterday
8. CARAVELLE - Summing Up
9. TRICK - Listen To Me
  Jazzy schmallad.
10. Rossitsa Kirilova and Georgi Hristov - Confidence
  Slow schlager.
11. Maya Neshkova - Leave-Taking
  Pop-rock ballad.

Side B:
1. LZ - Warm Rain
2. Roumyana Kotseva - Waterfall
3. IMPULSE - How I Love You
  The ol' "2 Minutes To Midnight"-riff is reprised in this basic mid-pace metalrocker. Not as powerful as the best parts of the "Gladiator" LP.
4. Georgi Hristov - Give Me My Love Back
5. AHAT - Farwell, Childhood
  Pomp-progsy Hard Rock not too different to old UK familiars like Demon, Saracen and Twelfth Night. Featured in its entirety on the Rock For Peace compilation from the same year.
6. Elvira Georgieva - A Dream For All
  More schlager.
7. Vanya Kostova - I Want To Tell You
  Sentimental ballad.
8. TRICK - Hello, Sea
  Mellow pop.
9. FACTOR - Friends
  A surprisingly great piece of pompous & epic Hard Rock with a Balkan slant. Not the only good but probably the best and heaviest song off their "The Milky Way" LP from '87.
10. Rossitsa Kirilova - I'm Writing To You On Air
11. STILL - It Feels Good

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