Tracks LP 1989
Label: 35:an Records #: 890807 Country: Sweden
Info: Released by the music organization 35:an, active in the Strängnäs/ Eskilstuna/Enköping area in Sweden. Occationally listed as a bona-fide HR/HM comp. It isn't, so be warned.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AQUARIUS - No Easy Way Out
  Competent but unremarkable melodic Hard Rock. Not too aor'ish though...
2. AQUARIUS - Nothing In Common
  More of the same, i.e. in the style of Burn, Red Baron, early Treat etc..
3. JUST FOR FUN - Nu, Just Nu
  Funky rock.
4. JUST FOR FUN - We Can Work It Out
  Funky rock.
  Very base, commercial & Metal-free hard rock.
6. A VIRGIN'S DELIGHT - Too Humble To Die
  aor. They also did a stupendously rare 4-song 7" EP some years earlier, but it's no more exciting than these conributions.

Side B:
1. CARESS - Falling
2. CARESS - Stay
  supermellow aor.
3. SAIGON ROSE - Rock You
  Sleazy sleaze rock.
4. SAIGON ROSE - You're The Baby
  Sleazy hard rock.
5. BRUCE WAYNE - Wrong Side Of Town
6. BRUCE WAYNE - A Matter Of Believing
  Keir: - DaN: Rarity:  
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