Toxic Rock LP 1993
Label: Athos Records #: 101.648 Country: Spain
Info: Even if the year of release as well as the country won't get ones hopes up too high, one can't help feeling disappointed - that front sleeve is much too cool for it's content.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LEYENDA - Guerras ¿Para Que?
  A compilation opening with acoustic guitar & flute is never a good sign.. Soft, east-Euro sounding semi-ballad.
2. PICK UP - Probando Sonido
  It starts off like another ballad, then turns into slow and melancholic, amateur Hard Rock. Not entirely without charm if you ignore the sour guitar parts.
3. PROFECIA - Luces
  An unpolished but decent Power Metal instrumental. With vocals this might have been a surprising highlight of the album.
4. AL ANDALUS - Nostalgia
  The 4th song with an acoustic intro is another ballad. You get the feeling this band could have had some great real songs in their repertoir, but thanx to the hacks compiling this record the world will never know.

Side B:
1. PLANTA BAIXA - Dispara Per Mi
  HR schlock so amateurish it borders on punk (..of the slow and boring kind.)
2. LAST TREMOR - The Executioner
  Run-of-the-mill, heavy, chopping demo-Death Metal.
  Boring mid-pace thrasher with annoying, yelping vocals.
4. PHANTOM LORD - A Day In The Subway
  The crazy distorted guitar-bit at the beginning sounded promising but this turned out to be another poor ballad from what might not even have been a proper Metal band.
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