To Boldly Go... LP 1986
Label: Rats Kart Records #: RKR 1 Country: UK
Info: Subtitled "The Potteries Album". Local Staffordshire-talent representing.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STORIES - Buckshot
  Keyboard-dominated pop.
2. ERAZERHEAD - Evil Hearted Lover
  Wavy rockabilly.
3. SOME WEIRD SIN - Our Time
  It's reeeeally hard to tell if these guys are aiming for a HM/HR sound or not. I belive the band name could be taken from an Iggy Pop tune, but there's none you your typical garage/punk/new wave sounds to come with it. Crude, darkened, heavy rock?
  Soft jazzy pop.
  Mellow d.i.y.-synth.
6. STRAFE - Everybody
  A heavy, J.Priest'y lead riff coupled with a rather anonymous generic rock/pop chorus and not much else I'm afraid.
7. ANIMAL LOGIC - Trees And Animals
  Soft new wave w/ a disco beat.

Side B:
1. CHEATER - Kill Two Birds
  Pounding proto-HM about 10 years too late and making zero attempts at hiding its influences, as this sound almost exactly like the Judas Priest tune they nicked their monicker from. This song later got adopted by the band HARRIER (see below) so one would assume these 2 bands shared a member or 2 at some time in history.
2. TATTWA VISION - Privilege
  Weak, soft indie pop.
3. EXECUTIONER - Fly To The Rainbow
  A little gem of keyboard-boosted, progepic Doom falling somewhere in the middle of Pagan Altar, Omega and Saracen. Deserves some thorough research for sure..
4. LOST JUNGLES - Sending Messages
  New wave.
5. TIGER CLUB - Starve
6. WILLIE'S WIFE - Don't Go Away
  Unusually sloppy aor.
7. HARRIER - Leave Me Now
  Incredibly lame ballad, indeed from the same group who made the lackluster hard rock 12" 'Out On The Street'.
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