Thunda From Downunda LP 1986
Label: Ocker Records Australia #: ORA 1001 Country: Australia
Info: Compilation of Australian bands produced by Henry Correy of RED ALERT. The first 2 tracks were also released on the Vicious Vinyl double-LP compilation the following year. Released in a gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RED ALERT - Red Alert
  A poor choice for an opener, the siren sound accentuating how obnoxious this song is.
  Decent hard rockish heavy metal.
3. GODSPEED - Lest We Forget
  Musically reminds me of GRIM REAPER, but the vocals give it more of an epic SARACEN sound.
4. RED ALERT - To Love You
  RED ALERT's second offering is a bit more interesting, combining speed metal with a post-punk gothic style.
5. WARREN MASON - Advance Australia Fair
  Awful guitar-only instrumental version of the Australian national anthem. Warren later joined BB STEAL.

Side B:
1. LOTUS - Heavy Petting
  Decent thrashy riffing with a fairly powerful chorus.
2. METAL MERCENARIES - Honeymoon In East Berlin
  Sounds like a metal(ish) version of a SEX PISTOLS song. Also released as a 7".
3. SCOTT ABRAHAMS - Mesmerized
  Powerpop/glam like a really bad version of ENUFF Z'NUFF.
4. DEARROW - Feelin' Fine
  More of a MOTLEY CRUE style glam, ruined by some obnoxiously happy keyboards.
5. GODSPEED - We Are Forever
  Killer power metal, and the saving grace of this otherwise ignorable album. The chanting near the end is the icing on an already delicious cake.
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